Thursday, February 28, 2008

Days Run Away II: W.D.I.D.T.M.Y.S.L.M.

Album art for the latest record, Days Run Away V: Golden Hours/The Garden At Dawn, was put online yesterday. See yesterday's blog for that. Here is the second track from my fifth D.R.A. installment, entitled, Days Run Away II: W.D.I.D.T.M.Y.S.L.M.

You Can download it here.

02 days run away ii_ w.d.i.d.t.m.y.s.l.m..mp3

Download it at

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Days Run Away IV: Golden Hours/The Garden At Dawn

With Days Run Away IV: We Were Beautiful Finished, I've now started work on my Fifth installment in the Days Run Away series. It will be entitled Days Run Away IV: Golden Hours/The Garden At Dawn

The First track is available for download here.
This track is called Days Run Away I: I.R.H.I.S.. In other news about me, my new documentary on Furries is in pre-production and I've started an internship for a full length motion picture staring the woman from Gillmore Girls and...the other fella's name is slipping me. Please leave comments. I'd like to know that someone's listening.

01 days run away i_ i.r.h.i.s..mp3

Download it at

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Days Run Away IV: We Were Beautiful Is Completed At 30:41

Here is the final track from the album. It's entitled Days Run Away VIII: We Were Beautiful (No. 6/The End Of Everything We Knew). I guess it's the closest track to being listenably non-subjective as it's a sadder piece. Regardless, I hope you enjoy. Days Run Away V will begin now. No set title beyond Days Run Away V. Keep your eyes and ears open. (OH and feedback would be awesome).

08 days run away viii_ we were beautiful (no. 6_the end of everything we knew).mp3

Download it at

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Fuck. Resolution. Fuck fuck.

New song. Yup. Eruhm. working on a few screenplays. I've gotta search out the furs soon. Anyway. Give it a listen.

I believe whitney was in the room as I finished off the ending to said track.

06 days run away vi_ we were beautiful (no. 5).mp3

Download it at

Saturday, February 23, 2008


There's a lull today. Hell, there's a lull this whole weekend that's giving me this dense and unnerving sensation that I can't seem to totally shake. The really hard academic punch will soon make contact and I'm not looking forward to it. The challenge within said punch, however, is quite exciting. Hopefully, my teacher will choose my idea for a documentary. If that's the case, I'll finally get to produce a full work that I could be proud of. I have my fingers crossed for that.
new song.
Days Run Away V: We Were Beautiful No. 4 (In Two Movements)
Uhmm Listen?

05 days run away v_ we were beautiful no. 4 in two movements.mp3

Download it at

Friday, February 22, 2008

We Were Beautiful III (DRA:IV)

04 days run away iv_ we were beautiful (no. 3).mp3


Nothing too new to note. My film may be chosen for production. I wish that doc could've told us earlier. No Dice.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We Were Beautiful No. 2

Tones and I can see someone in their office right now. THey look like they're bobbing their head methodically over a laptop. I want to know what they're thinking. At the same time, I'm afraid that once i Know, I'll be bored and disappointed.

03 days run away iii_ we were beautiful (no. 2).mp3

Download it at

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Days Run Away IV: We Were Beautiful

The New record beings. First song posted yesterday. The Second called Days Run Away II: We Were Beautiful (No. 1) is the first part in a series of songs on said record called "We Were Beautiful". There is a legit tempo to this song and has me drawing upon my influences of Boards Of Canada and The Field a bit more. So yeah that's about that. I may start working on a documentary for my Media Forms & Concepts Class which could take time away from the Days Run Away series. In said project, I hope to produce the soundtrack for the documentary. Those tracks will be featured here.

The record itself will revolve around that phrase, We Were Beautiful.

02 days run away ii_ we were beautiful (no. 1).mp3

Download it at Download New Song HERE!!!!! Click This!?

NEW SONG!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Days Run Away IV Begins, first track already finished. More Extensive Update On Music. Albums To Download.

First off. If anyone hasn't seen it, Disney's The Black Hole is way better than the 2001 rip off that many may lead you to believe it is. It's instead the darkest and, well I can't believe I'm saying this, most philosophically heavy, disney film ever produced.

Bob and Vincent are Adorable as well.

As a result of my plesant surprise, I've named the first track off of Days Run Away IV after them.
Here is that first track.

days run away i_ vincent & bob.mp3

Download it at

Here is the more extensive list/entry from my other pages. It includes links to each of the albums that I've recorded, track listing and album length.

So I&039;ve finished the First three albums in my series of ambient works. I&039;ve explained the whole daily recording process, the origin of the album title and far too much other crap for you to sift through. Now, you can just listen to the music.

Days Run Away I

Days Run Away (The First One)

Download Link:

Track Listing

1. Days Run Away I: Old Friends [4:12]

2. Days Run Away III: Hall Of Blue Mirrors (Without The Miserable Blue Flash [3:05]

3. Days Run Away IV: Days Run Away [3:50]

4. Days Run Away V: Blue [2:14]

5. Days Run Away VI: Arcade [3:48]

6. Days Run Away VII: Chorus/Whistlers [4:44]

7. Days Run Away VIII: Not Today [5:25]

8. Days Run Away IX: Too Much Changes, It Always Has To Change (Thirds/Christ Almighty) [3:44]

9. Days Run Away X: Rocky, Hard, Rise, Center (He Saw Me Through The Window) [5:36]

10. Days Run Away XI Marriage [4:04]

Total Length 40:41

Days Run Away II: To Have Warned Before, Already I Have Been Left In Carnival

Days Run Away II: To Have Warned Before, Already I Have Been Left In Carnival

Download Link:

Track Listing

1.) DRA I: Smirnov [5:44]

2.) DRA II: I Have Been Left [4:01]

3.) DRA III: Blankets [4:42]

4.) DRA IV: Beyond The Windows There Is An Outside [4:54]

5.) DRA V: Untitled I [4:16]

6.) DRA VI: Hikikomori [5:14]

7.) DRA VII: The Trapped Sparrow (17 Inches of Snow) [3:46]

8.) DRA VIII: I Fucking Hate Spring [3:11]

9.) DRA IX: Pelican, Pelican, Pelican, Pelican [3:52]

10.) DRA X: The Mirrors (II) [3:09]

Total Length 42:47

Days Run Away III: Invincible In Peace, Invisible In War

Days Run Away III: Invincible In Peace, Invisible In War

Download Link:


1.) DRA I: Cinder, Ash, Cider Cloak [2:38]

2.) DRA II: A Little Lost Roe Deer [5:36]

3.) DRA III: Corner. Cushion. Face. Mattress. [3:33]

4.) DRA IV: Horses [2:17]

5.) DRA V: The Second Weekend (Handsome Boys II) [2:36]

6.) DRA VI: Handsome Boys I [3:28]

7.) DRA VII: The People I Miss And The Places They Live [7:45]

8.) DRA VIII: The People I Miss That I&039;ve Yet To Meet [2:40]

Total Length 30:30

Okay, I hope now that the world's been caught up, everyone's well.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Days Run Away III Is Complete

I realize that I already posted one today. With my russian thought class and my writing for media paper, I figured I might as well post two to count for the next two days just incase.

Days Run Away III: Invincible In peace, Invisible In War Is finally complete.
Here is the album art.

And here is the track listing.

1.) DRA I: Cinder, Ash, Cider Cloak [2:38]
2.) DRA II: A Little Lost Roe Deer [5:36]
3.) DRA III: Corner. Cushion. Face. Mattress. [3:33]
4.) DRA IV: Horses [2:17]
5.) DRA V: The Second Weekend (Handsome Boys II) [2:36]
6.) DRA VI: Handsome Boys I [3:28]
7.) DRA VII: The People I Miss And The Places They Live [7:45]
8.) DRA VIII: The People I Miss That I've Yet To Meet [2:40]

Here is the final Track!

08 days run away viii_ the people i miss that ive yet to meet.mp3

Download it at

Download it there!


Well I won't be cryptic or angsty. Sometimes though, I hope people are really as honest with me as I'd like to think they are. I should sleep soon. Blah blah blah.

07 days run away vii_ the people i miss and the places they live.mp3

Download it at

At 30:30, Days Run Away III is finished
work on Days Run Away IV will start soon



Two Blogs you need to go to.
The work of my close friend Eric Rega. A fibers major who produces absolutely stunning work. An artist I look up to frequently.

For any hardcore Beach Boys nerds such as myself.
Found on youtube by accident.
Extensive and very well put together blog by Eric Warncke.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Off to work on a paper (new goal in life)

It's been a nice weekend though. I should've gone to church this morning.
I have a new goal in life now.
It's to be signed, with my ambient pieces, to CASH MONEY RECORDS so I can yell at Rave when I go to the grammys. No I don't HAVE to be signed to their label to yell at her, I just think it'd be funnier.
And Lil' Wayne is a genius.

06 days run away vi_ handsome boys i.mp3

Download it at

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Today I will meet with an old friend. Later on I will have italian for dinner. I have to work on a paper for media forms and I wish there were more hours in the day to write. Regardless, things are okay for the moment. I should go to church tomorrow morning.

05 days run away v_ the second weekend.mp3

Download it at

Friday, February 15, 2008

Thursday, February 14, 2008



CLAY, 27, news technician, awkward and skinny man with glasses
and a hat, sits at a two monitor editing station.

On the screen, an image of an alley way cuts to black.

Clay reclines and sighs.


Clay makes his way down the hallway to a water fountain.

He leans over and takes a sip of water.

Clay then checks his watch.


Clay searches his pockets for his cigarettes.

In the street across the alley way, a group of college students
stand around a homeless man. One of the students has a cell
phone out and is taking pictures. Another student taunts the
homeless man.

The students and the homeless man go their separate ways
and, in their absence, a small man in this 40s stands alone
at the bus stop. He looks nervous and cold.

04 days run away iv_ horses.mp3

Download it at

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Two Mixes. You help me choose (oh and the new KILLS record is stellar)

So, I just recorded a new song. I have two mixes of said song and Can't come to a conclusion as to which one I like more. If anyone reads this, please let me know which one you'd reccomend. The differences are subtle so keep your ears open.

The name of the song is 'Days Run Away III: Corner. Cushion. Face. Mattress.'
I appreciate the help.


03 days run away iii_ corner. cushion. face. mattress. [edit 1].mp3

Download it at


[edit two] days run away iii_ corner. cushion. face. mattress. [edit 2].mp3

Download it at

Oh and I know it's early but....The Kill's New record Midnight Boom may be the best album of the year. I'm still shocked that they lived up to, and surpassed, my expectations.

and I have further proof of god.

Monday, February 11, 2008

A Little Lost Roe Deer

Consider this a post for tomorrow if I don't get to it.

Outside the Jefferson hospital I saw a hawk. A small crowd had formed around it. Everyone seemed fascinated with the sight of something so beautiful and intimidating sitting outside of a hospital. I had been told that it was eating Pigeons. It knew that it was stronger than any person standing near it. It had been engineered to kill and survive. Sometimes, I wish I had the advantages that it had with the latter.

I know secrets about people. Some make me feel happy, honored. Some scare me. Some put me on the whole "great power, great responsibility trip". And people know secrets about me. Today has been a day of frustrating dialog. Things have been said which made me feel a little upset. Out of respect for the person who said them and the things that were said, I will not divulge anything further.
Beyond that, I wish I could be out in the park writing. It's far too cold out even for me. So I'm here now.

New song though. I'm pretty happy with it.

02 days run away ii_ a little lost roe deer.mp3

Download it at

Download Days Run Away I for free! It's done!

You can download the album Here for free.
if you can't use the link, copy and paste

The tracks are

1. Days Run Away I: Old Friends
2. Days Run Away III: Hall Of Blue Mirrors (Without The Miserable Blue Flash
3. Days Run Away IV: Days Run Away
4. Days Run Away V: Blue
5. Days Run Away VI: Arcade
6. Days Run Away VII: Chorus/Whistlers
7. Days Run Away VIII: Not Today
8. Days Run Away IX: Too Much Changes, It Always Has To Change (Thirds/Christ Almighty)
9. Days Run Away X: Rocky, Hard, Rise, Center (He Saw Me Through The Window)
10. Days Run Away XI Marriage

The 2nd Days run Away from this album does exist. The problem is, the mixing is fucked and it'll blow your headphones (not in the totally bitchin' Rush way either).

The Album Length is 40:41

On another note, Days Run Away II: To Have Warned Before, Already I Have Been Left In Carnival Is also finished. I'll wait a bit to upload it and make it available for download.

As of today I have started working on the Third Days Run Away album entitled Days Run Away III: Invincible In peace, Invisible In War based on the quote from my hero, William Tecumseh Sherman.

Here is the first track of that record, entitled, Days Run Away I: Cinder, Ash, Cider, Cloak

days run away i_ cinder, ash, cider, cloak.mp3

Download it at

I Played My First Show/Days Run Away II is finished

Picture Taken By Andrew

It went okay. There were a lot of drunk people and the little area where we set up wasn't so strategically built. To my rear was the place where everybody got their drink on. They did this both loudly and heavily, so much so that I couldn't hear myself play. Throughout my set, which I shortened, I couldn't tell if anyone was listening. I have an extreme stage fright complex which keeps me from making eye contact with anyone in said audience. The volume of the people behind me continued to increase as my last song kinda fell apart. Each song was meant to be played at around ten minutes a piece. They both went to about 5. I also followed up a comedy act who, though funny (though at times alienating as their lyrics involved inside jokes that only jewish people could or would really laugh at), kept making jokes about 'serious musicians' (and how it's an oxymoron). I did not feel comfortable following that up. Though I don't take myself too seriously (unlike other musicians that I've encountered), my music is pretty serious. I realize I ran the risk of not getting anyone's attention through making ambient music in a live setting. I would've just rather they had fallen asleep as opposed to talked throughout the set. Liam had the benefit of playing so loud that he couldn't hear if people were speaking (nor could I, being in the audience) whether they could her each-other or not. Will, however, was quite nice. I really enjoyed his set. He gave me the best compliment of the night and I hope to see him perform again.

I have a new project in the works. I will not divulge too much about it at risk of jinxing it. It's refreshing. I'll say that.

Days Run Away II is finished. It'll be online with Days Run Away I to download for free shortly. I have started Days Run Away III.

Here is the last track from days run away II.

days run away x_ the mirrors [ii].mp3

Download it at

Friday, February 8, 2008

2:45, Russia. Pelican.

Pelicans are massive. They're really cute too. I should be writing a paper for some middle-school class about pelicans, but I'm not. No, I should be asleep. I'll do that in a moment. I felt like I had to record. So I did.
Sometimes I really wish I didn't live in the age of vanity. To have been so fortunate to have been born in a simpler time. True, medical and technological advances may have not been made, I feel like I could've made the sacrifice of not seeing everyone take pictures of themselves and instead watch people go outside, see the sun rise and set.

days run away ix_ pelican, pelican, pelican, pelican.mp3

Download it at

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Where Can I Go?

Yesterday reminded me that spring was coming. So many analogies. New beginning. One new beginning is quite promising. I will remain cryptic on the issue as to not jinx it.
I have the album art for the 2nd Days Run Away, 'Days Run Away II: To Have Warned Before, Already I Have Been Left In Carnival'
I'm up to track 8.
Here's the art.

Here's the song.

days run away vii_ i fucking hate spring.mp3

Download it at

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

17 Inches

My boss just made a comment that I could completely relate to. The Air and atmosphere of today is one filled with a high nostalgia. It made me recall searching out alligators in South Carolina with my grandparents. Charleston could be so beautiful. I think I should get over my hate of traveling and vacation. I Should probably also call my grandparents soon. I sort of missed it. I was also almost always jealous of their little old person village. It seemed to be such a safe existence. Only now I know that one has to work to get to it. My work has only just begun.

days run away vii_ the trapped sparrow (17 inches of snow).mp3

Download it at

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


A while back I recorded a series of tracks based on sports teams from Buffalo (The Bills and the Sabres). I realized that they fit the Days Run Away standard so I figured, hell, why not upload the entire album for someone to download. Well here it goes!

Download the album

Some are a bit more electronica-esq than objective ambient

Track list
1.) Fog and the Bat III
2.) Buffalo Bills: Tom Sestak
3.) Tim Horton/Autumn
4.) Fog and the Bat II
5.) Buffalo: Autumn To Spring (Go Bills!)
6.) Fog and The Bat I
7.) "Thank You Sabres! Thank You Sabres!"

Preview songs

07 _thank you sabres! thank you sabres!_.mp3

Download it at

05 buffalo_ autumn to spring (go bills!).mp3

Download it at

Monday, February 4, 2008


I'd reccomend reading up on Boy "A".
And the guy who shot President Garfield.
And listening to my song.
And telling people about my songs.
Maybe just keeping it to yourself. I'm alright with that.

days run away vi_ hikikomori.mp3

Download it at

The Giants Won

The Week Beings

Days Run Away V: Untitled I
Remember, I'm playing a show soon?

days run away v_ untitled i.mp3

Download it at

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Totally ≠. Totally.

Past few days have climbed and dipped far too frequently and intensely.
That's all I'll say about that.

days run away iv_ beyond windows there is the outside. noise is trapped from the inside and never gets out..mp3

Download it at

The progress of light to dark was confusing to Andy. The days stay brighter as summer increases. For a moment, he nearly tricked himself by coming to the conclusion that since it's actually spring, his logic was irrelevant. Andy soon realized that that made even less sense.
Now at the heart of the field, Andy looked back towards the house and began the long walk back. On the way he thought about carrying Grace out of the room. He wasn't sure if he wanted to. At this point his confidence lead him to believe that he'd drop her, make her look different or ruin her now beautiful and peaceful image. At the same time, he wasn't sure if he wanted strangers handling her. The thought of strangers soon changed into who to call. He figured the doctor would probably be the best person to call. He'd manage everything respectfully as he was often known to do. For a moment Andy felt relieved.
The walk seemed longer now. Guilt turned inside Andy as he realized that for a moment, he was disgusted with embracing his love, even if it was for the last time. For a moment the wind picked up and whistled an atonal encouragement to the shell-shocked Andy. The field seemed so much bigger.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Marriage IV/Blankets (Dark Noon) [Edit: Hulk]

First off, I realize that I acutally don't talk about myself all that often here. So today's been sorta crummy. The week's been quite up and down.

That cheered me up.
The Hulk part anyway. To anyone who reads this and does not know who I am, I am obsessed with the Hulk.
Now to the crappy crap.

The large chunk of time spanned couldn't be accurately accounted for. Andy saw a block now. The block was as vast and beautiful as the fields before him. Like those fields, they were growing increasingly dark. The coincidence of thoughts, memories and the dark meadow at his feet troubled him. The dense and sharp pain he felt could now be recognized as fear.
Connections were now drawn to things that seemed stupid or juvenile. A flock of birds and the love between them. Two flowers placed together on the top of a hill. A rabbit chases another rabbit. The stars not being so clear in the sky tonight. The dense pain was soon replaced by an absence of sensation comparable to a black hole. Though there was this thing churning in him, it was a thing churning of nothing.
For a moment there was hunger. The hunger was soon replaced by the thought that being hungry now was unimportant. He felt that if he caved to this sensation of sustaining himself he'd soon become far too selfish for his own good.
An airplane broke the darkness of the night sky. The body was still resting in the bed. On the night stand to the right of the bed is an uneaten sandwich. By now Andy has gone through six very old cigarettes.

days run away iii_ blankets.mp3

Download it at


My First Solo Concert!(no I'm not kidding)/Marriage III [edit]

So on the 9th of February I'll be playing my first show. Not headlining mind you. A friend of Liam's was signed or something and is doing something something. So Liam, Some band form his home town and I are playing as openers. I'll be one of the first to go on and probably the first to leave as I cannot stand interaction with people following events like that (or even high school orchestra concerts). The set will be based around my ambient pieces as I still refuse to sing live. Fingers crossed that nothing gets broken and all goes well.

here's to putting that christmas present of an amp to good use.
wish me luck
and ask me if you'd like to attend
Since the location is pending between three options, I'm not certain as to who is aloud in.

I'd like to thank Eric for the song recommendation and anyone else who's listened.

Marriage Part Three.

Andy aged quickly following Grace's death. The fields that once glowed so brightly with hope seemed to fade faster as if winter was coming early.
Upon the morning of her passing, Andy sat at the foot of the bed until noon. It was around that time that the phone rang, quickly snapping him out of his catatonic state.
The call was from one of Grace's co-workers. In an earnest voice she wondered if Grace was feeling better. Andy lied and told the woman that Grace was feeling better. So much better that she had decided to take a walk. The woman felt at ease and reminded Andy to take good care of her. She reminded Andy that Grace was 'such a beautiful, sweet woman...'
She continued to talk for another thirty seconds and proceeded to hang up. Not wanting to move Grace yet, Andy made his way down the stairs and into the living room. There, he searched out a cigar box that his father once used. Inside the box was a pack of cigarettes given to Andy as a joke from someone he could not remember.
"Women and cigarettes. Probably the two most enjoyable killers on the planet, eh?" he remembered the man at the wedding reception saying.
The irrelevant things started to drive that dense and sharp pain into his chest. He wondered why he was focusing so much on something so minor as a blank acquaitence at a wedding. He remembered the wedding.
At Twelve-Thirty, the day already seemed too dark. Though the cigarette was years old, he lit it anyway. He never thought of himself until this point. It was on that moment the sun seemed to set. At Twelve-Thirtythree the sun was setting.

days run away ii_ i have been left.mp3

Download it at


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