Friday, February 1, 2008

My First Solo Concert!(no I'm not kidding)/Marriage III [edit]

So on the 9th of February I'll be playing my first show. Not headlining mind you. A friend of Liam's was signed or something and is doing something something. So Liam, Some band form his home town and I are playing as openers. I'll be one of the first to go on and probably the first to leave as I cannot stand interaction with people following events like that (or even high school orchestra concerts). The set will be based around my ambient pieces as I still refuse to sing live. Fingers crossed that nothing gets broken and all goes well.

here's to putting that christmas present of an amp to good use.
wish me luck
and ask me if you'd like to attend
Since the location is pending between three options, I'm not certain as to who is aloud in.

I'd like to thank Eric for the song recommendation and anyone else who's listened.

Marriage Part Three.

Andy aged quickly following Grace's death. The fields that once glowed so brightly with hope seemed to fade faster as if winter was coming early.
Upon the morning of her passing, Andy sat at the foot of the bed until noon. It was around that time that the phone rang, quickly snapping him out of his catatonic state.
The call was from one of Grace's co-workers. In an earnest voice she wondered if Grace was feeling better. Andy lied and told the woman that Grace was feeling better. So much better that she had decided to take a walk. The woman felt at ease and reminded Andy to take good care of her. She reminded Andy that Grace was 'such a beautiful, sweet woman...'
She continued to talk for another thirty seconds and proceeded to hang up. Not wanting to move Grace yet, Andy made his way down the stairs and into the living room. There, he searched out a cigar box that his father once used. Inside the box was a pack of cigarettes given to Andy as a joke from someone he could not remember.
"Women and cigarettes. Probably the two most enjoyable killers on the planet, eh?" he remembered the man at the wedding reception saying.
The irrelevant things started to drive that dense and sharp pain into his chest. He wondered why he was focusing so much on something so minor as a blank acquaitence at a wedding. He remembered the wedding.
At Twelve-Thirty, the day already seemed too dark. Though the cigarette was years old, he lit it anyway. He never thought of himself until this point. It was on that moment the sun seemed to set. At Twelve-Thirtythree the sun was setting.

days run away ii_ i have been left.mp3

Download it at

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