Monday, February 11, 2008

I Played My First Show/Days Run Away II is finished

Picture Taken By Andrew

It went okay. There were a lot of drunk people and the little area where we set up wasn't so strategically built. To my rear was the place where everybody got their drink on. They did this both loudly and heavily, so much so that I couldn't hear myself play. Throughout my set, which I shortened, I couldn't tell if anyone was listening. I have an extreme stage fright complex which keeps me from making eye contact with anyone in said audience. The volume of the people behind me continued to increase as my last song kinda fell apart. Each song was meant to be played at around ten minutes a piece. They both went to about 5. I also followed up a comedy act who, though funny (though at times alienating as their lyrics involved inside jokes that only jewish people could or would really laugh at), kept making jokes about 'serious musicians' (and how it's an oxymoron). I did not feel comfortable following that up. Though I don't take myself too seriously (unlike other musicians that I've encountered), my music is pretty serious. I realize I ran the risk of not getting anyone's attention through making ambient music in a live setting. I would've just rather they had fallen asleep as opposed to talked throughout the set. Liam had the benefit of playing so loud that he couldn't hear if people were speaking (nor could I, being in the audience) whether they could her each-other or not. Will, however, was quite nice. I really enjoyed his set. He gave me the best compliment of the night and I hope to see him perform again.

I have a new project in the works. I will not divulge too much about it at risk of jinxing it. It's refreshing. I'll say that.

Days Run Away II is finished. It'll be online with Days Run Away I to download for free shortly. I have started Days Run Away III.

Here is the last track from days run away II.

days run away x_ the mirrors [ii].mp3

Download it at

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