Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunset Blonde (New Song W/Vocals)

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'Sunset Blonde' - Swimmingpool The Band

In a strange way this new track's unique for me. Set in waltz time, it's a bit slower than my other vocal songs and veers on the fine line of ballad (while not being acoustic, like the others that do the same). 

The lyrics are, surprisingly, somewhat straightforward and not as cryptic. In their simplicity, and transparency, I'll post them and not go too deep into it. 

Before I do, the remaining instrumentation features sampled drums (sampled from my playing), keys and lots of guitars. 

The Lyrics are as follows:

Blonde at night
like it was
in the summer
when I was young
and you still drank wine.

I wouldn't swim
I wouldn't show my legs
Even when the sun set
nobody could see.

Tuck me in
I am
so tired.  

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Easter. Two Songs.

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"Redwing Dakota" - Swimmingpool The Band

In the vein of previous outings like "Telephone" and "Electrica", "Redwing Dakota" is a more "conventional" (in structure) song, featuring rhythmic guitars, keys, drums and even vocals.

The lyrics are hidden in the many layers of guitars and concern rather straightforwardly (not like my previously cryptic lyrics) various events back home. I'll not go into much detail about them as I hope one can pull their own conclusions/feelings out of it.

There's actually a drum part to this one. It's taken from a series of recordings I made in CT with my drum-set to sample when I moved out.

It, like Telephone and Electrica, builds in density and reverb, falling out and collapsing into waves of drone.

I hope you like it (click the title to download).

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'India, November, Romeo, India' - Swimmingpool The Band

"India, November, Romeo, India" is the first song off of "Easter". Both titles invoke religious imagery that comes as mostly titular and personal. The actual song itself contains nothing out and out (or alienating in concept) religious.

The Observant listener would notice that the title uses the fascinating NATO phonetic alphabet to spell out I.N.R.I. The literal translation of I.N.R.I. is meant to mock the crucified christ (here is jesus, king of the jews), but has deeper, and even less specifically christian, meanings.

The most famous of which is the rosicrucian translation of the mysterious letters.


Which means "By fire, nature is restored and made new".

I came to the idea of the title through the found sounds that you'll hear between the dense layers of feedack, keys and clarinet. I used clips of Spy/Numbers station (found largely at the CONET PROJECT) to break up/add atmosphere to the song itself.

This system of coding is somewhat similar to the Rosicrucian (and sometimes Masonic) search for symbolic meaning/representation in what can seemingly be so superficially strange or simple.



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