Wednesday, April 30, 2008

When You Were A Girl

From My Recent Post At Urban Aesthete

When amongst peers, there seems to be a certain amount of, for lack of a better term, 'magic' missing with respect to their idea of fear. The classic imagery of Ray Bradbury's illustration seem to do little to stimulate any kind of fear-like response. This is a disappointing concept. The chains that rattle through fog filled graveyards seem to be silenced now. No transparent sheet of a specter would cause fear to rise in any reasonable young adult. Instead there may be laughter, or even worse, apathy with respect to this image.Realistic fear is just as rattling, however, it's not as avoidable. No clove of garlic or circle of salt will protect anyone from a car-crash or a dirty bomb. It's there that the real fear is. It seems that with the images of ghosts and the surreal, one could, hypothetically, control their fear and take superstitious precautions to avoid encountering them. In the contemporary idea of fictional horror, the concepts and the stories are getting more realistic. This, again, is both good and bad. The better of the realistic can be truly stunning and leave one completely shaken to the core. The bad comes in the fact that it could potentially leave one further afraid and helpless feeling. All the while, the ghosts of the ghosts that once knew youth now shuffle without real reason. Their direction is lost as there's little to anyone left to scare.The most recent track utilizes the heavily processed guitars as in the prior tracks, and a Celeste sound created through a series of keyboards, heavily processed to avoid juxtaposition in fidelity.

02 days run away ii_ w.y.w.a.g..mp3

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Monday, April 28, 2008

And here we are with

The first song off of Days Run Away XII. The title of this record is Days Run Away XII: W.Y.W.A.W.. It consists of two songs, each divided into smaller songs (each songs clocks in at 15-20 minutes). This first track is one part of Days Run Away: W.Y.W.A.W. (In Three Movements) [sub titled W.Y.W.A.G.]).
Here, I'm utilizing a bit more tuned percussion, though synthesized, I've made the attempt to make sure it doesn't sound too clean in contrast to the other instruments.
Anyway, gauge it for yourself.
The working album art is a combination of two photographs by my Collaborator at urbanaesthete, Alexey Sokolin.

01 days run away i_ c.o.y.f.d 1.mp3

Here Is The Song!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I just need to throw the new song up before my day and a half code thing is void whatever

Last song from Days Run Away XI: SUNDAY

Days Run Away XII is half finished.
Ill host XI soon for you to download.

06 days run away vi_ strzyga.mp3

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So it seems that a lot of people…

…have been doing top album lists. Many of which have been predictable (in a good or bad way), or have lined up with mine. I, however, would like to submit my top albums on a span of all years. This is gauged on how much I currently listen to an album, it's influence on my tastes, on my music and how much of an emotional attachment I have to the record.

1. Boards Of Canada-Music Has The Right To Children
2. The Beach Boys-Sunflower
3. Big Star-3d/Sister Lover
4. Neil Young-Harvest
5. Sunny Day Real Estate-How It Feels To Be Something On
6. The Replacements-Tim
7. Sebadoh-III
8. Johnny Cash-At Fulsom Prison
9. Codeine-The White Birch
10. Earth-Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method
11. My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
12. Weezer-Pinkerton
13. Talk Talk-Laughing Stock
14. Wire-Chairs Missing
15. Liz Phair-Exile In Guyville
16. Eels-Electroshock Blues
17. Prince-1999
18. Tom Waits-Alice
19. The Clash-London Calling
20. Mineral-EndSeranade
21. Sleater Kinney-The Woods
22. Sonic Youth-Sister
23. Husker Du: Zen Arcade
24. The Byrds-Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
25. Henryk Gorecki-Symphony No. 3 - Dawn Upshaw
26. Blur-Think Tank
27. Clinic-Internal Wrangler
28. Black Flag-Damaged
29. Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express
30. Leonard Cohen-Songs Of Love And Hate
31. Low-The Things We Lost In the Fire
32. Arvo Pärt-Alina
33. The Blood Brothers-Burn Piano Island, Burn
34. R.E.M.-Automatic For The People
35. John Coltrane-A Love Supreme
36. Uncle Tupelo-March, 16-20, 1992
37. Slowdive-Souvlaki
38. Beach House-Beach House
39. Depeche Mode-Violator
40. Sunny Day Real Estate-Diary
41. Modern Life Is War-Witness
42. Steve Reich-Music For 18 Musicians
43. Miles Davis-Sketches Of Spain
44. Television-Marquee Moon
45. Brian Eno & Robert Fripp-Evening Star
46. Aimee Mann-Bachelor No. 2
47. Cocteau Twins-Treasure
48. Boards of Canada-Geogaddi
49. Radiohead-OK Computer
50. Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run

Yes, there is no Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix. No, the velvet underground did not make this list (they make the early bottom fifty) after reevaluating how much I still listen to them and the influence that they've sustained. Remember, the full top 100 is only 100 out of the hundreds of records that I've already listened to. That's an awkward sentence, fuck it.

Oh and....

.....Hey Guys, Guys, Guys, Look, Over here......………NEW SONG!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Beginning work on DRA XII

I've started work on DRA 12, which will be entitled Days Run Away XII: W.Y.W.A.W.

And other things are happening.

04 days run away iv_ on the shoulders of the sky.mp3

Download it at

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Well 11 is finished

and I feel as though it's one of my strongest works yet.
By the end of the week I'll throw it online.

There's the album art...

...and here's track three from XI.

04 days run away iii_ cloud four.mp3

Download it at

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not a lot to really discuss today

Well, having recently discovered that there's a great number of people who search out music through youtube, I figured I'd slap together a video to accompany my music. Then I realized I had little time to actually Shoot a video. I then figured I'd make something of a montage utilizing fount footage. That's when I found this clip of one of my favorite creatures, the Snowy Owl. The sequence is beautiful and I altered very little from the original. Some may find it as boring as the music but, well, there's my attraction to minimalism for you.

For those of you who don't feel like watching the video, the song is hosted below.

02 days run away ii_ lightning.mp3

Download it at

Days Run Away XI: Sunday is going along quite well. I already have four tracks finished at 24 minutes and 30 seconds.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Lots of updates and fun things. Please read!

I've started collaborating on another blog.
You can find it by going to
Run by fellow artist/goon Alexey Sokolin.
To explain the purpose of the blog, I'll quote Alexey.

The purpose of this blog is to provide a daily dose of the arts, and a window into the creative processes of various disciplines.

The backbone of content will be an exploration of aesthetics in human-built structures (the “nature” of urban life) through photography. As we build momentum, there will be additional perspectives from visual artists, musicians, writers, film makers, dancers, and anyone creative excited by the Urban Aesthete vision. We are interested in how the city inspires us, and how that inspiration turns to artwork.

The meta-concept is for both contributers and readers to discover extraordinary details in ordinary noise, potentially through interaction with each other. Collaboration, mashing, and critique are all highly encouraged. While this concept is nothing new, we believe that it is fundamentally valuable, and as good a mission statement as any.

As such, my first post can be found there.

I'll post weekly, to bi-weekly but I hope many of you choose to go there frequently. His photography and thoughts are just as unique as they are beautiful and I'm incredibly happy to be working with him.

The first song off of Days Run Away XI: Sunday.

And on another note, thank you to all the goons who've helped support my project and my music. For hosting torrents and compressing the files and, in all, making it easier for everyone to get. I can't thank you enough, it really means a lot.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

For the sake of the goons trying to download my album

I dont really want to fuck up the thread, so, here's a listing of the individual albums and where you can download them

One & Two

Three Through Five

Six and Seven

Eight through Nine

Album number 10

Monday, April 14, 2008

I didnt have much time to post yesterday...

because the new compilation is about finished.

05 days run away v_ wings.mp3

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'll uhhh Update this more thoroughly later

I hate Meatballs 2

04 days run away iv_ you and your vast fields of nothing.mp3

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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why I'd like to move to Taipei and why I'd rather not return home

There is a certain person who I will not call out by name, nor will I make reference to in any way specific enough to identify, that may make summer quite difficult. I was hoping to, in my free time, jump blindly into playing shows (as I recently discovered a promotional agency which is quite similar to Philadelphia's R5). I'm quite confident that this person will be anywhere and everywhere with respects to Connecticut's local music scene and, as such, I have two problems. One, I've probably been spoken down and do not have a good name amongst these people (for reasons which are arguably not valid). The later being that there's been no effort made to ease tension between our two parties. This bothers me greatly as I really wish it wasn't the case. Regardless, I'll stop here in the hopes that no one reading this either figures out who it is and/or gets the wrong impression (misinterprets this as me grilling this person, which I'm not).

Furthermore, I'd like to move to Taipei. In recent months, possibly out of a subconscious retaliation to having any of my actual ties with any real Japaneses people being severed, or just because they're a fascinating people, I've been attracted to the Chinese. The China I'd rather go to, however, is not the People's Republic Of China (the communist one with zero regards for human rights), but The Republic Of China. The Republic Of China is essentially what's left of the non communist China. Following the Chinese civil war (the one right after the second Sino-Japanese war), the Communist China took over and, in something I've rarely seen happen in history, the less fortunate, non-communist China, essentially relocated to what many of us know as Taiwan.

Here is where many things may be cleared up for some who feel confused by an incredibly mixed bag from what they hear of China. The cultural and political censorship is something that only applies to The P.R.C., not the Republic. The only true issue regarding The Republic Of China is that of Taiwanese independence. In retrospect, it's about the same amount of force, if not a little more, than the Quebecians who wished to have Quebec recede from Canada. Regardless, the Capitol city of Taipei looks beautiful and refreshingly alien. As a nation that's still Chinese, it embodies the great strength that I find so beautiful within their nation (post second Sino-Japaneses war, ect..). The strength similar to that of Russia's. They also have one of the most beautiful flags that I've ever seen.

Oh and here's a song. I'll go into more detail about all of this crap later. I'm pretty happy, even if I feel strangely physically detached.

01 days run away i_ i went outside (china no. 1).mp3

Download it at

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

This will count as tomorrow's post.

With all the work that I will probably have to do this week, I'm putting up a post to count for tomorrow's.
Having finished Days Run Away IX, I will begin work on the 10th installment of my series. Furthermore, I will also be working out the track-listing for the second compilation entitled Days Run Away: Over The Hills (A Series Of Ambient Compositions March-April '08).

That's the album art.

04 days run away iv_ it was night time and the sun eclipsed the moon [i went ouside agan pt.2_china no. 4].mp3

Download it at

Days Run Away IX: CHINA Hardly Started yet just completed

There's the working album art.
In the eternal words of Tim the tool man taylor, Erruuhhhg?
I started, and finished, Days Run Away IX: China today. It's 49 minutes long at 5 tracks and I'm much happier with it than my last effort.

Well hold up.
I guess I Started it yesterday.
Sunday. Yes, I Started it sunday.
Well that's three days right?
Today was a good day.
I'm going to sleep.

05 days run away v_ t.c.o.t.r.a.t.h.t.f. (china no. 5).mp3

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Sunday, April 6, 2008


I'm nervous. Always nervous. This summer seems like it'll probably be one of the more frustrating times I have to look forward to. Connecticut holds even less for me than it ever did in the past, and, well, it seems that no matter how humbled I pride myself in being and how I can, and have, make something good out of something bad, it still makes me sick to think about returning home. I miss so much from Philadelphia and, instead, have to return to that rather un-cultured hell hole of a jamband ridden state called Connecticut. No matter, I'll have time to read, which is something I've returned to. In no mood to really bitch about anyone or anything, I'll just make note that D.R.A. VIII is finished, DRA IX has begun. Im not as happy with VIIII but there are a few tracks I like. at 5 songs and 30 minutes, it makes the marker for the length that I'm going for and, as such, I'd just rather start off new.

04 days run away iv_ i.w.m.t..mp3

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Friday, April 4, 2008

A lot of crap going on

and I'm about to go help a friend with dinner so I'll probably keep this all short. I think I've been watching too many Sagan, Dawkins and various other videos of scientist in the past week. But I'm sure it's good for me. Been working on music. My first vocal album in three months is near finished and entitled Stay The Fuck Off My Lawn. UhmOn Furs is also going well.

05 days run away v_ t.l.s.r..mp3

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fuck Crap

Missed it by three minutes
or seven now.
Expect something with a little more depth tomorrow.

01 days run away i_ y.d.t.s.d..mp3

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I felt like being creative, I'd do some kind of April Fools. Nothing really comes to mind. I'm trying to recreationally work on a screenplay or two while working on my music, movie and my various other classes which really hold little in relevance to my major. I am tempted to write about my thoughts about everything around me, but I'm not one to get angsty or, well, call anyone out if I wont do it face to face. Regardless, I'm pretty content. Just busy. Busy isn't bad. I do, however, intend to rant on about how there is so little in the ways of contemporary humility. Even those who seem to recognize that terrible things are happening around the world seem eager to control sadness and anger, seldom acting grateful. These aren't really people I know so much as other people I'm hearing through other's stories and through people I knew back home.
My father even made reference to this startling change. As a police officer, he was being trained on generation difference, mostly with regards to the latest generation, the stupidly named Millenniums. This is essentially the babied generation who never had to live through great stress, never had to exist in a time of true struggle and conflict that personally effected them, and was allowed an outlet for both vanity and encouraged self pity. My father was told that he'd have to treat them special. His reaction was just in that if one is to be a police officer, they should expect no special treatment and, if anything, less of a special treatment than that of anyone else. What's further deserting is it seems that the generation Y'ers like myself seem to get caught up. Their generation identity changes as the sweeping force of vain, self loathing, idol nature called the internet (yes I realize I'm using it, however I recognize that it can be used for good and not evil) sweeps them up. I hate to sound like my father, and actually agree with him on something that terrifies me, but they need the draft. They need something that will actually get them scared. Few of them really know pain, they only understand their own ability to sleep comfortably under the sheets of their own depression. Im not saying I'm any better, but I work, and I'm trying to do something.

On another note, reccomended reading for anyone who wants to feel truly humbled for at least a good hour.
Read The Rape Of Nanking by the late Iris Chang.

07 days run away vii_ c.r..mp3

Download it at


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