Saturday, November 28, 2009

Another one from album 91: Wreaths Of Tears (More Album Art From R. Chiappone)


Here's another track off of Days Run Away XCI: Wreaths Of Tears. The album art is by close friend Rebecca Chiappone (who's address for her photography is listed on the side). This is a piano/found sound track which I'm really quite proud of. Album art's above.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Last Night In Madison/New Song From Album 93


I'm going fast I guess. I'm pretty happy with most of the material. This is a song, involving the crappiest keyboard I've ever owned and a broken acoustic guitar (which is covered in gum wrappers and has only four strings and is very out of tune). Thanksgiving went well. Nothing really to say about that. Got a lot of homework in the remaining semester. It's been a pain in the ass and it's almost over.

Anyway, this is the second song from
D.R.A. XCIII: GHOSTS, entitled 'Brothers'.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Album 92: Finished In A Day And Here For You To Download

1.) Improvisations No. 1 (19:45)
2.) Improvisations No. 2 (14:12)

The songs were too big to post individually. These tracks are based out of improvised guitar playing. Well, to be more accurate, one very long improvised piece, cut up slightly and only reedited through a bit of reverb (a lot of reverb in track one), and synched over each other to avoid an incredible length (and for other artistic reasons). I also cut out two phone calls because I'm an idiot and forgot to turn off my cellphone.

Download the album here:

Since I Can't upload the songs, here's a raw 10 minute segment as I fiddle fuck around with the 'direct upload from webcam' feature on youtube:

Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Song From Days Run Away XC: Night

Album Art For D.R.A. XC: NIGHT. Self Portrait by Rebecca ChiapponeI

Yup, here it is, album 90, or Days Run Away XC: Night. Ten away from 100. Here's the song.

The album art is a manipulated self portrait done by my close friend and favorite Brooklynite, Rebecca Chiaponel.
You can (and should go to) find the rest of her photography at the following links:

I'm also going to start going through my favorite/most influential records soon and talking a bit about each one.

Sunday, November 15, 2009


But I like it a lot and I Hope you do too. It's mostly live so that's pretty exciting. I'm currently two tracks into album 90 and I'm at a crossroads. Race the year to get to 100 by 2010, or just keep taking my time. Maybe time will answer that for me. You never know. Anyway. Here you go, Enjoy.
One of these days I swear I'll start posting things that are more in depth. Perhaps my thoughts, or something. Something chewy. Not sure. Not now though. Oh here's the song.  And one other thing after!!!

Here's that other thing.

I've been trying to do my best and promote my friend/fellow musicians and I've got another one.
Please go here for the Long Mouth Castle, an electronic/ambient post-whatever artist who works in a similar vein to me, only utilizing electronics in a more prominent (and better, as I tend to be afraid of electronic instrumentation with the exception of the guitar) way than I. Give him a shot. Click on the link above or just go to

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Album 89 (ACOUSTICGUITARS):There was one drawback from septa strike

…I didnt get to see the Hidden Cameras :( Here's some album art: 

And before I go into anything else, this is awesome:

Anyway, new song from the new album Days Run Away LXXXIX: Memitim. The song is called Grasshoppers and prominently features acoustic guitars! The album art's posted above.
Here's the song:

Go get the new Hidden Cameras Record, it's really good.
Here's proof (note: I know, not all clips are from the new one):

I'm also really dissapointed in myself for not listening to more Spoon. I don't know why I ignored them before. They could possibly be one of the most cool, and overwhelmingly talented, american bands out there today.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

All Feedback:Days Keep Running:Cats

First, a song from album 88. The song is called 'Fuu Mlima No. 1' and consists only of manipulated feedback.

Also, Sometimes, Cats are best (sometimes...most of the time it's dogs. I know, I'm a real wealth of philosophical dialog)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Album 88's first song, Bastards of young & The heart attacks are done for now (Great job yanks/phils)

Great job yanks phils. Wish the series could've been a bit closer, but there's no crying over spilt milk (unless it's about my academic decisions). Here's the first song off of album 88. The album art is posted above. The album's called Days Run Away LXXXVIII: Brays Chard. Enjoy!

Also, THIS is a music video my friends.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


this is my other senior thesis
I've decided that
I mean, I'm working on a piece with my close friend whitney (one which will ultimately end up beautiful, as her eye often is), but this is my personal one...that will extend far beyond college (i hope).
I'm on 88 now.
Here's another one from 87, the last song.
This one is Dusk (Or Choking)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Strings, New Shoes, New Song, Go Sixers

New Strings
Halloween Was Alright
New Shoes
New Song
Hope the Royals get to the series next year
Album 87 just about finished


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