Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oh, It's On: Compilation III

Okay everyone. To start this off, for the goons already downloading the record, I may be probated, but thank you!
Now to everyone else!
The Third Compilation is finished. This means since January of this year I've finished 15 full length albums (Each record 30+ minutes in length, at the least 450 minutes long, or 7.5 hours long).

As always, they're avalible for you to download.
here are the links.
This is the link for the Compilation
This is the link for albums 11 and 12
This is the link for albums 13 through 15
A few of the records do not have album art. My good friend and brilliant photographer (and future roommate) alex rudinski is helping me on that note.
So there it is.
In the meantime, I have a secret collaboration underway along with the Days Run Away series continuing, if anything, slower until I return to Connecticut (in a month).

04 days run away iv_ returns.mp3

Download it at

Monday, May 19, 2008

Update/Small Break

As a result of a cluttered few weeks, I'll be taking a short break from my Days Run Away series. With Album XV completed, I'll soon compile the best tracks from the past five records into my third compilation. In the meantime, I'll continue to work on music and will re-start the series in the beginning of June.
I'll update sporadically with the remaining tracks and a list of album downloads/the compilation itself.

05 days run away v_ come home safe.mp3

Download it at

This track is entitled Come Home Safe based off of a beautiful drawing by my close friend Joseph. I'll host the image soon.
Until then.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

On the wind

I found one of my clean notebooks yesterday while cleaning out the apartment. The actual process of cleaning out the apartment can be somewhat tough as I have little support while doing it. Regardless, I'll be soon moved to Eric's where I will stay for the remainder of the month.
The notebook has an entry that reminded me why notebooks are nice in the first place. It reminded me of a beautiful hawk outside the jefferson hospital that I saw while trying to get to class on time sometime towards the begining of the semester. The way the people surrounded it would have implied that there had been something comparable to a car crash in the same area. All the while, it was just a bird. A beautiful animal that one may have frequently seen centuries prior, but because of the planet's current state, may not be seen as much. Or that's a whole boat load of crap.
Regardless, it was nice. I really wish I had more opportunities to see wild animals. I intend to search out whatever ones I can while in Connecticut over the break.

02 days run away ii_ without a cape_hatch.mp3

Download it at

Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cast [no1] XIV

01 days run away i_ the cast [no. 1].mp3

Download it at

Zachary Macero's twenty-one years of life consisted of calculated breaths. From birth, the conservation of every minute was premeditated and precise, fitting into his philosophy of "every second counts". In his moments of self-concious meditation, he realized that this way of thinking was contradicted by the idea of spontaneity which frequently lead him to envy those who could live for every second and manage to be so free thinking.
Regardless of his doubts, Zachary continued to live his life this way, always rushing from task to task, effortlessly resolving any outside variables.
On the morning following his return from college, he lifted his small and thin frame out of bed and into the kitchen. He prepared a small breakfast and found a note that his mother had left him.

'Dear Zach, We hope you slept well last night. Your father and I figured that after your long trip, you wouldn't want to wake up and go to church with us. We should be back sometime around two. In the mean time, make yourself some breakfast but remember that we want to have a nice sit-down family dinner tonight. If you're going to go out, make sure you bring your phone. Love, Mom and Dad.
If you're not doing anything today, you should probably call Beth at some point. She asks about you a lot and is such a nice girl.'

Beth had been Zachary's ex since he went off to college. Like many of his peers from college, Beth chose to stick it out at home and attend a community college.
Following a quick search of his bedroom, he realized that he had left his cell-phone in the basement where he was last with his father watching the Islanders loose their spot in the Stanley Cup race. When he reached the basement, the TV was still on and reporting on the five year anniversary of a boy who had gone missing in the local state park for fifteen years. Realizing that the day was without agenda, Zachary thought of the park and decided to go for a run.

Friday, May 9, 2008


It's sad to see the self-destructive continue in a self-righteous way of life, never removing a cast or a bandage in fear of people recognizing that they're just fine, and that they may have always been just fine. Some of these people are fortunate enough to have everything. They have people who love them and will always love them. This unconditional bound which may even originate from their attempts to victimize themselves and come off as an insecure, humble and sweet person. To get beneath that and see a person who willingly hates and refuses to acknowledge anything truly good, comfortable living in a self created world of sadness and angst is even worse. Further frustrating is the idea that we live in an age where humbling truths are so easily accessible. Visible everywhere is a mass of destruction, sadness, poor health and, to be frank, a constant and unavoidable bleak motion that's as constant as the earth's orbit around the sun. It's as constant, heavy and obvious as gravity. Perhaps since it is so like gravity in the respect that we seldom stop to think about it's force until something falls on us that many refuse to recognize this humbling bleakness. All the same it's still sad. To keep quiet and, in a self satisfactory fashion, victimize one's self to achieve the righteous, holier than though sentiment. Hope is hard to come by. The following two songs are the entirety of Days Run Away IV. At 18 minutes a piece, they add up to being over 30 minutes long. The songs have movements and resolve themselves like narratives. They consist of manipulated guitars, keys and heavily processed vocals. The pieces together are entitled XIII: The Chrome EarthThis is the first track: 01 days run away i_ chrome sky_chrome earth [no. 2].mp3Download it at mp3space.comThis is the Second Track: 02 days run away ii_ 101901[biii]83.mp3Download it at

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Not really

going to add a lot. Year's almost over. Wish me luck with my modern russian thought exam.
Here, we'll spice it up. Instead of giving you track II I'll give you track III.

03 days run away iii_ ib[iii].mp3

Download it at

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Post 90?

FIRST OFF, here's a little treat for those of you who actually listen to my vocal based, 'conventionally written' non-ambient tracks.
This is the last song off of Stay The Fuck Off My Lawn entitled "No More Reasons To Lie (Stay The Fuck Off My Lawn)"

10 no more reasons to lie (stay the fuck off my lawn).mp3

Download it at

Also, as a constant lurker of DEVIANTART, I figured I'd set up a profile and host my album covers since they do, in some way, constitute as art.

Days Run Away: Over The Hills by ~SeamusStimpson on deviantART

Here's the rest.
I guess that's the number I've reached. Yesterday I went to see Stars Of The Lid. Their concert was deep in the heart of the UPenn Concert. The Students there terrified me. I wont outwardly vent about how awful or terrible they are because, well, they're not terrible people. They're just confusing. There was a great deal of pseudo-intellectual ramblings paired with some equally unconvincing theological banter. I believe they went to the concert because it was in a church.
Regardless, new songs.

First track from Days Run Away XIII: IB

01 days run away i_ 101090.mp3

Download it at

Friday, May 2, 2008

Rabbit Rabbit

Rabbit Rabbit!
Rabbit Rabbit.

As a child, I had a large number of rabbits. They were often eaten by Coyotes. Natural existence I suppose. The other day, I went out on a walk and, in a blur of nostalgia and excitement over the new baseball season (phillies at number one...for now), I figured I'd buy a pack of cards. Instead, I found hannah montana cards (note, I didn't purchase them). It seemed odd to me that, in a regular CVS which would normally cary a pack of Upper Deck MLB trading cards, there was nothing more than disney channel paraphernalia.
I have nothing further to add.

05 days run away v_ as fast and as far as theyve come.mp3

Download it at


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