Monday, June 30, 2008

Shaking Twigs: The Most Layered Song I've Ever Produced Featuring REAL DRUMS and EIGHT LAYERS OF VOCALS (and 2 guitars)...Please listen

Okay, so, this song features Eight separate vocal tracks, two drums (THAT I PLAYED LIVE FOR TWO MEASURES AND THEN LOOPED...BUT TWO MEASURES, NEW RECORD, CAPS!!!), and two guitars. I am incredibly proud of this song. It's the last song off of DRA XIX and is possibly my favorite song from the D.R.A. series yet.

PLEASE listen. I want to know what people thing. If you dislike it and leave constructive criticism I'll listen to it but probably still consider this as my favorite.

SO enjoy.

days run away five shaking twigs.mp3

Download it at

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lots Of New Music. Albums 18 and 19 completed. Read Please!

For starters, album XIX has been the fastest record that I've yet to record. The Album took me about a day (today actually) to finish. It's five songs and exactly one half hour. Various songs throughout that album, and the one prior, have an almost glitch like aspect to them. I'm pretty proud of the records and hope to start album number 20 soon.

The album titles are Days Run Away XVIII: A Soft Steel Heart & Days Run Away XIX: Simple Hearts/Station 3.

This is part of the three movement title peice of Soft Steel Heart

04 days run away iv_ a soft steal heart (movement no. 3).mp3

Download it at

This is the first track off of Simple Hearts.

01 days run away i_ ����.mp3

Download it at

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Insufferably strange times

Connecticut proves to give me few breaks. At the risk of sounding over-dramatic or stupid, I'll keep it all to a minimum. I attempted a new medication for my ADD which resulted in that awful 'depression' side effect that one hears about in commercials. I've had to put up with some frustrating family scenarios which I will not delve into online. Im bored, and if not bored, working a rather unsatisfying job (soon to start unsatisfying job 2 for all you who live through your parent's plastic) and miss someone (well a few people, but one in particular) in the City a great deal.

This song ends short as it is part of two movements.

forever movement one.mp3

Download it at

Friday, June 20, 2008

ACTUAL LYRICS (The First In The Days Run Away Series With Real, Intelligible Lyrics!!!)

Days Run Away 17 has begun.
The First song is the title song Off The Grid

Here are the lyrics

you get into the car
and you drive yourself
off the grid
and away from the coast
where the other other people live
the ones who try
to define
your parameters

Stop me if I'm wrong
Stop me if I'm wrong

Here is the song.

01 d.r.a. i_ off the grid.mp3

Download it at

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Work has begun on DRA 16

I've got three songs down, clocking out at 20 minutes in length. With the completion of one more song, the album will be finished and I'll move to 17.

Nothing new to update beyond that. My brother's graduating. I miss my significant other and Madison is as boring and dreadful as ever.

02 d.r.a. ii_ how to know what to ask.mp3

Download it at

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bonus Time! Download STAY THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN for FREE!

First note before the full record. I've got a website up that I'm using to better organize all of my musical resources.
Please visit it at

So here it is, my latest vocal album. I figured if anyone really loves my music and is masochistic enough to try to get into my vocal based work, I'd give you the link to my latest 'rawk' album for free. The name of the record is Stay The Fuck Off My Lawn.

You can download the full album at

1. No More Reasons To Lie (Stay The Fuck Off My Lawn)
2. These Things Are Unimportant
3. The Walls Break, Bend & Ash
4. The Mask Fits
5. It's Too Hard To Relate To
6. You Are Far Too Young
7. I Cannot Remain A Child
8. Two Options
9. The Chrome Earth (Berlin)
10. When Grace Has Failed
11. On These Rolling Hills

Here are two of the tracks off of the record.

10 no more reasons to lie (stay the fuck off my lawn).mp3

Download it at

01 on these rolling hills.mp3

Download it at

Let me know what you think!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Hiatus will soon be over!

I've been working on music while attempting to enjoy my Days Run Away hiatus, only to realize that I don't enjoy not making music. So, Considering everything goes well with my internet connection at home, I will soon re-start Days Run Away.
As a teaser, here's a new track.
At the same time, since my ability to get online is rough at home, I may post four songs a week on two separate days, instead of it coming up everyday. All the same! I'll continue to record a new track each day.

Percussion recorded with a chair and two glass jars.

04 d.r.a. iv_ aura.mp3

Download it at


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