Monday, December 13, 2010

From Morning And Protection (Three New Songs from Two Albums)

THE FOLLOWING three songs are from two albums, 155 (protection) & 156 (morning). The album art for Protection is posted above. The album art for Morning will come with the next post from that album. Stream here, download through the link and let me know what you all think.

‘Girl Flower’ is probably one of my ‘loosest’ songs. Built mostly around a subtle and flickering loop of keys and guitar, the song folds, unfolds and folds again into something of a nice coda. It’s a soft, quiet, less than dramatic song which is not typical on reflection (as my songs typically seem to pray on melodrama).

Click here to Download Girl Flower

So this one’s strange as it’s essentially part two of a song that has a part one on the previous album (Train Station no. 1 is on Protection, my 155th album). This song is an attempt at experimenting with an older method of chop and paste wherein I take a full length track, this one had consisted mostly of violins and clarinets, and rearranging them into a rhythm and structure.

If for any reason the streaming file isn’t working, click the title and it’ll bring you to tindeck where the song is hosted. Sometimes, tumblr’s an ass. Tonight, as an example, the version remains ‘too large’ to upload (being longer than, oh, 8 minutes). When posting a link to stream by, it sometimes dies out so again, if you have any real problems, click on the title and let me know.

Click here to listen to 02 Train Station New Jersey.mp3

Here’s yet another new acoustic guitar/lyric/vocal (hell arguably more structured) song. I’ve actually included the lyrics and they’re in a lot of ways more audible than normal. The album its off of is 155, which has been finished for a week I just forgot to post this one.

I’m very proud of the pre-reverb towards the songs climax (along with the looping in the coda). I actually don’t mind the lyrics, which is rare as I’m often quite insecure about that.

I really hope you enjoy! The lyrics are posted below. To download the song, click the title above.

Use anchors to catch storms
speak in flags and braile
marry only orphans or widows

Laugh only with widows
and fast on odd numbered days
Perfect personal prayer

surgical prayers

learn about protection (repeat)

Collect young lover’s hair
collect the marrow and diamonds
and break and make it all
into circles on your bed

Bend the road to fit the route
Read by moonlight and sleep
only when the stars hide

stars hide in diamonds and veils
marrow and hair
the skin on your face

learn about protection (repeat)

save yourself

Click here to listen to 03 Marrow-Diamonds (I.N.R.J.).mp3

Saturday, December 4, 2010

I am the worst at updating this

again, it's the whole 'full time job' bag. Anyway, here are a bunch of new songs from albums 154 & 155.

I've in no way slowed down. Posted above is the album art for "TEARS", which is my 154th album. Experimentation ranges herein between violins, woodwinds and a vocal song.
I hope you enjoy and remember to keep up with me at facebook, here:


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