Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Days Run Away IV Begins, first track already finished. More Extensive Update On Music. Albums To Download.

First off. If anyone hasn't seen it, Disney's The Black Hole is way better than the 2001 rip off that many may lead you to believe it is. It's instead the darkest and, well I can't believe I'm saying this, most philosophically heavy, disney film ever produced.

Bob and Vincent are Adorable as well.

As a result of my plesant surprise, I've named the first track off of Days Run Away IV after them.
Here is that first track.

days run away i_ vincent & bob.mp3

Download it at mp3space.com

Here is the more extensive list/entry from my other pages. It includes links to each of the albums that I've recorded, track listing and album length.

So I&039;ve finished the First three albums in my series of ambient works. I&039;ve explained the whole daily recording process, the origin of the album title and far too much other crap for you to sift through. Now, you can just listen to the music.

Days Run Away I

Days Run Away (The First One)

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?f0byjdawmur

Track Listing

1. Days Run Away I: Old Friends [4:12]

2. Days Run Away III: Hall Of Blue Mirrors (Without The Miserable Blue Flash [3:05]

3. Days Run Away IV: Days Run Away [3:50]

4. Days Run Away V: Blue [2:14]

5. Days Run Away VI: Arcade [3:48]

6. Days Run Away VII: Chorus/Whistlers [4:44]

7. Days Run Away VIII: Not Today [5:25]

8. Days Run Away IX: Too Much Changes, It Always Has To Change (Thirds/Christ Almighty) [3:44]

9. Days Run Away X: Rocky, Hard, Rise, Center (He Saw Me Through The Window) [5:36]

10. Days Run Away XI Marriage [4:04]

Total Length 40:41

Days Run Away II: To Have Warned Before, Already I Have Been Left In Carnival

Days Run Away II: To Have Warned Before, Already I Have Been Left In Carnival

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?cg4re1mvp8y

Track Listing

1.) DRA I: Smirnov [5:44]

2.) DRA II: I Have Been Left [4:01]

3.) DRA III: Blankets [4:42]

4.) DRA IV: Beyond The Windows There Is An Outside [4:54]

5.) DRA V: Untitled I [4:16]

6.) DRA VI: Hikikomori [5:14]

7.) DRA VII: The Trapped Sparrow (17 Inches of Snow) [3:46]

8.) DRA VIII: I Fucking Hate Spring [3:11]

9.) DRA IX: Pelican, Pelican, Pelican, Pelican [3:52]

10.) DRA X: The Mirrors (II) [3:09]

Total Length 42:47

Days Run Away III: Invincible In Peace, Invisible In War

Days Run Away III: Invincible In Peace, Invisible In War

Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?fmddzmvblmj


1.) DRA I: Cinder, Ash, Cider Cloak [2:38]

2.) DRA II: A Little Lost Roe Deer [5:36]

3.) DRA III: Corner. Cushion. Face. Mattress. [3:33]

4.) DRA IV: Horses [2:17]

5.) DRA V: The Second Weekend (Handsome Boys II) [2:36]

6.) DRA VI: Handsome Boys I [3:28]

7.) DRA VII: The People I Miss And The Places They Live [7:45]

8.) DRA VIII: The People I Miss That I&039;ve Yet To Meet [2:40]

Total Length 30:30

Okay, I hope now that the world's been caught up, everyone's well.

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