Friday, February 1, 2008

Marriage IV/Blankets (Dark Noon) [Edit: Hulk]

First off, I realize that I acutally don't talk about myself all that often here. So today's been sorta crummy. The week's been quite up and down.

That cheered me up.
The Hulk part anyway. To anyone who reads this and does not know who I am, I am obsessed with the Hulk.
Now to the crappy crap.

The large chunk of time spanned couldn't be accurately accounted for. Andy saw a block now. The block was as vast and beautiful as the fields before him. Like those fields, they were growing increasingly dark. The coincidence of thoughts, memories and the dark meadow at his feet troubled him. The dense and sharp pain he felt could now be recognized as fear.
Connections were now drawn to things that seemed stupid or juvenile. A flock of birds and the love between them. Two flowers placed together on the top of a hill. A rabbit chases another rabbit. The stars not being so clear in the sky tonight. The dense pain was soon replaced by an absence of sensation comparable to a black hole. Though there was this thing churning in him, it was a thing churning of nothing.
For a moment there was hunger. The hunger was soon replaced by the thought that being hungry now was unimportant. He felt that if he caved to this sensation of sustaining himself he'd soon become far too selfish for his own good.
An airplane broke the darkness of the night sky. The body was still resting in the bed. On the night stand to the right of the bed is an uneaten sandwich. By now Andy has gone through six very old cigarettes.

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