Saturday, February 2, 2008

Totally ≠. Totally.

Past few days have climbed and dipped far too frequently and intensely.
That's all I'll say about that.

days run away iv_ beyond windows there is the outside. noise is trapped from the inside and never gets out..mp3

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The progress of light to dark was confusing to Andy. The days stay brighter as summer increases. For a moment, he nearly tricked himself by coming to the conclusion that since it's actually spring, his logic was irrelevant. Andy soon realized that that made even less sense.
Now at the heart of the field, Andy looked back towards the house and began the long walk back. On the way he thought about carrying Grace out of the room. He wasn't sure if he wanted to. At this point his confidence lead him to believe that he'd drop her, make her look different or ruin her now beautiful and peaceful image. At the same time, he wasn't sure if he wanted strangers handling her. The thought of strangers soon changed into who to call. He figured the doctor would probably be the best person to call. He'd manage everything respectfully as he was often known to do. For a moment Andy felt relieved.
The walk seemed longer now. Guilt turned inside Andy as he realized that for a moment, he was disgusted with embracing his love, even if it was for the last time. For a moment the wind picked up and whistled an atonal encouragement to the shell-shocked Andy. The field seemed so much bigger.

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