Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fists Full Of Dust

New song, Fists Full of Dust. Probably one of my best Clarinet tracks (if not best tracks period) yet. I'm incredibly proud of it.

Compilation Six is coming soon. Since it's taken so long to release the next compilation, I feel as though I may release two as there are thirteen albums, and the current tracklisting features 13 albums.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Another Clarinet Track: Middletown Riots (For Robert & Mary)

Another dedication track. This one for the grandparents. This song, like the previous track, features only the Clarinet.
It's from the 44th album entitled Days Run Away XLIV: And By The Night When It Is Still

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone.

Monday, February 23, 2009

For mom and dad

First song with a dedication really (for my mom and dad, but the and dad got cut off). Another Clarinet collaboration.

Clarinet! (20 Albums)

New song from album 43 (which will also be featured on my friend's upcoming documentary), Maryland. It features me, and E. Rega (of having horns) on the Clarinet. I'm incredibly proud of the track and look forward to future tracks featuring the Clarinet.

So I got tagged in one of those things. List 20 albums, ect..ect...and well, I'll do it, but I wont tag anyone. I don't think that part is entirely necessary.

John Coltrane-A Love Supreme

Steve Reich-Music For 18 Musicians

Arvo Pärt-Alina

Boards Of Canada-Music Has The Right To Children

Miles Davis-Filles De Kilimanjaro

Sonic Youth-Daydream Nation

The Beach Boys-Sunflower

Talk Talk-Laughing Stock

Low-The Things We Lost In The Fire

Black Flag-Damaged

The Clash-London Calling

Neil Young-Tonight's The Night

Tom Waits-Alice


Sigur Rós-Ágætis Byrjun


Radiohead-OK Computer

Stars Of The Lid-And Their Refinement of the Decline

Uncle Tupelo-No Depression

U2-Achtung Baby

Thursday, February 19, 2009

First song off of Album Forty-Three (Days Run Away XLIII: Æon and the Season Of Fever) entitled The Dakota Territories.
I'll finish uploading the songs from 42 and 41 soon.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

XLII: Prayer (Passing Bells) Is Almost Done

I keep jumping ahead, but, my 42nd album is nearly complete.
It's entitled Prayer/Passing Bells and has four tracks already.
This song is, in actuallity, a second version of a previously finished song. When first recorded, it was meant to be a simple ambient track. It soon became a vocal based track which will appear on my sing-song record Soft Nights. I still wanted to keep the original feeling of the song, so, in essence, this is a remixed (I hate that word) or secondary version of that track.
It's called Camouflaged (I'll Probably Never Learn How To Drive.

Imeem is working slow, but, lo and behold, Tindeck's back!
Click here to download Camouflaged

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I figure, Since I get online so rarely these days

That I'd throw in another track from album XLI.
The title track.
On other notes:
I meant to post this earlier but, as a result of recent bushfires in Australia, I would like you to, if you get the chance, try to pitch in.

Wildlife Victoria appeal.

Bendigo Bank Bushfire appeal.

Country Fire Association

And here's the title track!

From Album 41

New Album, just about done.
The title, Rosary of A Hundred Beads, is based off the writings of Ameena Begum, a woman who was essential to the establishment of Sufism (A denomination of Islam, and a very progressive one at that) in the United States.

The album is almost entirely based around my dollar store recorder and my harmonica.
This is the first song off of the record:


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