Friday, October 30, 2009

Crap Goes On:This World Series Will Kill me...Fictionband stuff

I wasn't sure if I mentioned this, but I'm part of a web label/collective type thing and everyone should go to it.
It's called Fictionband and it's based out of Dayton Ohio so go there and support the other artists.
Here's another song off of Connecticut called '
Thirty Seconds (Mystic/New London/Norwich)'

This world series is going to kick my ass.
Also, next semester is probably going to suck, not because of my pessimistic attitude towards my department already, but, because there seems to be no classes worth taking.

Now for some updates with what I've been listening to lately:

Throbbing Gristle:

Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band (Mostly Troutmask):

Thursday, October 29, 2009

"Cries From The Voice"

Album Art For Days Run Away LXXXVII: Connecticut

Here's a new song from album 87, or, Days Run Away LXXXVII: Connecticut called 'Cries From The Voice'. I'm super proud of the tracks that I've recorded so far. I'm three songs in. This album is very personal (not that the others aren't, this one is just especially personal). It's been a real downer of an october, but I hope you enjoy my output.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm 22

it's my birthday and it's really mucky out. Not a lot to say. Really busy. Praying for the friends and family of Seth Gaffney, a fellow connecticutian who studied with me up until my sophomore year (and, at some point, convinced me to shave my beard, only person who ever did that), passed away over the weekend. It's also my birthday today. I'm 22.
Here's a song from 86:

Thursday, October 22, 2009

AGITHA (Backwards guitarsss)

Another track from album 85:

Working on 86. And I'm now part of FictionBand Mechanics, a little web-label so please, go and listen to the bands. I haven't heard a bad one yet!!
In other news, I get a break from rising blood-pressure with the phillies clinching the NLCS for the second year in a row.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

This series is going to send my bloodpressure through the roof...

and ultimately give me a heart attack.

Anyway, here's a new song. I havent been able to update much, been real busy. It's off of album 85: The Hill (Where Everything Is Frozen). Posted above is the album art.
Great post-season so far. Good upper in a frustrating semester.

Friday, October 16, 2009

COMESSS I'M GOING TO BED/It's a spooky song for halloween

Album art for Adapt Deluged Rot

Great baseball
Going to bed now
Here's a song

It's from days run away 84, now titled D.R.A. LXXXIV, as previously mentioned, Adapt Deluged Rot.
Lots of updates coming soon.

Thanks to everyone who downloaded the last compilation!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Here it is:

This one's off of Days Run Away LXXXIV: In Vincoli, which is one song a way from being done.

Hell yeah phillies
Compilation's going great
lots of news coming up but I'm often too busy to report.

Monday, October 5, 2009


Working album art for Days Run Away LXXXIII: Memories (Or Séances).
Here's the third song: The Unplugged radio.

Here's the tracklisting/liner notes for the next compilation:




1.) Dances No. 1: Track One From DRA LXXII DANCES

2.) Ku'i/Hau: Track One From DRA LXII CLAPPING

3.) On The Porch/Storms In The Afternoon/Sirens: Track Three From DRA LXXIII SAMHAIN

4.) Charcoal (I Can't Dance): Track One From DRA LXVI PARENTS

5.) Whitecaps No. 2 (The Long Island Sound): Track Four From DRA LXX WHITE CAPS

6.) From The Window Of…: Track Four From DRA LXXXII DIVORCE

7.) Fall (Or Jupiter): Track Three From DRA LXXIV SATURN & JUPITER


1.) Country Road: Track One From DRA LXVII: THE BORDERLAND

2.) Seeds: Track One From DRA LXXVI: SEEDS

3.) Missouri: Track One from DRA LXIX MISSOURI

4.) No Phones (The Woods No. 1): Track One From DRA LXIV THE BLUE HOUR

5.) Whitecaps: Track one from D.R.A. LXX: WHITE CAPS

6.) The Weight Of A Woman No. 2: Track Two From DRA LXXXI: THE WEIGHT OF A WOMAN

7.) Yves: Track Two from DRA LXXVII LEAVES 

8.) The Piano: Track Two from DRA LXV: BEACHES

9.) The Ascension Of Man-Ghost: Track Five From DRA LXXIX THE RETURN OF MANGHOST

10.) Weeks Of Rain: Track Five from DRA LXXXII: DIVORCE

11.) Alone, Man-Ghost: Track Three From DRA LXXIX THE RETURN OF MANGHOST

12.) Dances 6&7 (The People): Track Five From DRA LXXII: DANCES



1.) Rabbits: Track One from DRA LXXVII: LEAVES

2.) Big Houses/Tiny Yards: Track Two From DRA LXXVI SEEDS

3.) The Loveless Marriage: Track Four From DRA LXXXI: THE WEIGHT OF A WOMAN

4.) The Pier: Track Five From DRA LXXIII: SMHAIN

5.) Man-Ghost No. 3: Track Three from DRA LXXVIII: MAN-GHOST

6.) Toirneach No. 2: Track Three From DRA LXIII TOIRNEACH

7.) Sunspots/Wheat Fields: Track Two From DRA LXIX MISSOURI

8.) Mauna Loa: Track Two from DRA LXXIII SAMHAIN

9.) Sons & Daughters: Track One From DRA LXXIV: SATURN & JUPITER

All of the songs were written and recorded between June & September of 2009

All Songs Written, Produce & Performed By Seamus Stimpson.

Fall (Or Jupiter) and Sons & Daughters was written/performed by Seamus Stimpson & Diana Palermo.


SEAMUS STIMPSON-Vocals, Guitars, Violin, Harpsichord, Thumb-harp, Piano, Drums, Clarinet, Recorder, Trombone, Bass, Various Percussion & Post-Production.

DIANA PALERMO-Vocals, Field Recordings & Cello.

LIAM CARROLL-Concepts, Harpsichord & All Around Great Guy. 

ERIC REGA-Industrial Machines, Found Sounds & The Patience Of A Saint.

Friday, October 2, 2009

DRONEEEE/Friendly, shameless friend promotion

First, I'm going to get this out of the way. I feel sort of bad because sometime during the spring, I had excitedly hoped to collaborate with floridian/fellow ambient artist (who I know as) The_Forgotton. Things got busy, computer broke at some point and I was moving so I never really got to follow up on the impressive (and pretty intimidatingly talented) track that he sent me.

The point is, however, that he's a refreshingly talented artist who, in a genre where it can be all too easy, doesn't resort to making music merely with computer programs.
You Can Listen To
TheForgotton Here At

And you can listen to his other, More Prolific project,
Caustic Reverie at

Here's a little bit about the project from the horse's mouth:

'Caustic Reverie is a side project of The Forgotton’s Bryn Schurman to explore darker textures and soundscapes. So far, techniques such as image-based synthesis, musique concrète, and fractals have been employed in its sound design.

And on to my new song, off of divorce, here's the drone heavy
From The Window Of The Hotel (The Mountains Seem On Fire).

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Last Track Of Divorce: Weeks Of Rain

Album 82 is finally finished.
I'm currently finalizing the track-listing for my next compilation, Punching At The Breeze, which is difficult due to the fact that I have to weed through 23 albums (I let it slip for far too long).
Here's the song (The Song was recorded/composed using all vocals. Though they were manipulated in post, there are no other instruments in this song):

For other updates, Phils won the NL East for the third time in a row, which is incredibly exciting. To anyone who wants to catch up or keep up on the Phils (without annoying flash or adds, with a great sense of humor), I'd highly recommend checking out the blog The Fightins( This is the blog where I found this incredible picture:

And on to what I've been enjoying as of late:


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