Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So it seems that a lot of people…

…have been doing top album lists. Many of which have been predictable (in a good or bad way), or have lined up with mine. I, however, would like to submit my top albums on a span of all years. This is gauged on how much I currently listen to an album, it's influence on my tastes, on my music and how much of an emotional attachment I have to the record.

1. Boards Of Canada-Music Has The Right To Children
2. The Beach Boys-Sunflower
3. Big Star-3d/Sister Lover
4. Neil Young-Harvest
5. Sunny Day Real Estate-How It Feels To Be Something On
6. The Replacements-Tim
7. Sebadoh-III
8. Johnny Cash-At Fulsom Prison
9. Codeine-The White Birch
10. Earth-Hex: Or Printing In The Infernal Method
11. My Bloody Valentine-Loveless
12. Weezer-Pinkerton
13. Talk Talk-Laughing Stock
14. Wire-Chairs Missing
15. Liz Phair-Exile In Guyville
16. Eels-Electroshock Blues
17. Prince-1999
18. Tom Waits-Alice
19. The Clash-London Calling
20. Mineral-EndSeranade
21. Sleater Kinney-The Woods
22. Sonic Youth-Sister
23. Husker Du: Zen Arcade
24. The Byrds-Sweetheart Of The Rodeo
25. Henryk Gorecki-Symphony No. 3 - Dawn Upshaw
26. Blur-Think Tank
27. Clinic-Internal Wrangler
28. Black Flag-Damaged
29. Kraftwerk-Trans Europe Express
30. Leonard Cohen-Songs Of Love And Hate
31. Low-The Things We Lost In the Fire
32. Arvo Pärt-Alina
33. The Blood Brothers-Burn Piano Island, Burn
34. R.E.M.-Automatic For The People
35. John Coltrane-A Love Supreme
36. Uncle Tupelo-March, 16-20, 1992
37. Slowdive-Souvlaki
38. Beach House-Beach House
39. Depeche Mode-Violator
40. Sunny Day Real Estate-Diary
41. Modern Life Is War-Witness
42. Steve Reich-Music For 18 Musicians
43. Miles Davis-Sketches Of Spain
44. Television-Marquee Moon
45. Brian Eno & Robert Fripp-Evening Star
46. Aimee Mann-Bachelor No. 2
47. Cocteau Twins-Treasure
48. Boards of Canada-Geogaddi
49. Radiohead-OK Computer
50. Bruce Springsteen-Born To Run

Yes, there is no Beatles, Led Zeppelin or Jimi Hendrix. No, the velvet underground did not make this list (they make the early bottom fifty) after reevaluating how much I still listen to them and the influence that they've sustained. Remember, the full top 100 is only 100 out of the hundreds of records that I've already listened to. That's an awkward sentence, fuck it.

Oh and....

.....Hey Guys, Guys, Guys, Look, Over here......………NEW SONG!

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Bjorker said...

And if you want to know how I entered on your blog...

well, i was searching for people who listen to boards of canada [one of my biggest obssesions]


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