Monday, May 12, 2008

The Cast [no1] XIV

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Zachary Macero's twenty-one years of life consisted of calculated breaths. From birth, the conservation of every minute was premeditated and precise, fitting into his philosophy of "every second counts". In his moments of self-concious meditation, he realized that this way of thinking was contradicted by the idea of spontaneity which frequently lead him to envy those who could live for every second and manage to be so free thinking.
Regardless of his doubts, Zachary continued to live his life this way, always rushing from task to task, effortlessly resolving any outside variables.
On the morning following his return from college, he lifted his small and thin frame out of bed and into the kitchen. He prepared a small breakfast and found a note that his mother had left him.

'Dear Zach, We hope you slept well last night. Your father and I figured that after your long trip, you wouldn't want to wake up and go to church with us. We should be back sometime around two. In the mean time, make yourself some breakfast but remember that we want to have a nice sit-down family dinner tonight. If you're going to go out, make sure you bring your phone. Love, Mom and Dad.
If you're not doing anything today, you should probably call Beth at some point. She asks about you a lot and is such a nice girl.'

Beth had been Zachary's ex since he went off to college. Like many of his peers from college, Beth chose to stick it out at home and attend a community college.
Following a quick search of his bedroom, he realized that he had left his cell-phone in the basement where he was last with his father watching the Islanders loose their spot in the Stanley Cup race. When he reached the basement, the TV was still on and reporting on the five year anniversary of a boy who had gone missing in the local state park for fifteen years. Realizing that the day was without agenda, Zachary thought of the park and decided to go for a run.

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