Tuesday, December 29, 2009

First Song From Album 100!: Soft Ropes

(¡OR DAYS RUN AWAY 100, MY 100th ALBUM!)

Here you have it. The first song off of album 100, Days Run Away C: Fractures. All field recordings of windchimes and wind, edited in post. Two songs into 100. Here's to a new year.
'Soft Ropes', the first song:

Some crap about the year 100:

Roman Empire
Bricks become the primary building material in the Roman Empire.
Pliny the Younger advances to consulship, giving his panegyric on Trajan in the process.
The Roman Army reaches 300,000 soldiers.
Tiberius Avidius Quietus' rule as governor of Roman Britain ends.
Timgad (Thamugas) is founded by Emperor Trajan.
Trajan creates a policy intended to restore the former economic supremacy of Italy.
Lions have become extinct in the Balkans by this date.
Pakores (last king of the Indo-Parthian Kingdom) takes the throne.
Paper is used by the general populace in China, starting around this year.
The Kingdom of Himyarite is conquered by the Hadramaut.
The Hopewell tradition begins in what is now Ohio circa this date.
Teotihuacan, at the center of Mexico, reaches a population of 50,000.
The Moche civilization emerges, and starts building an advanced society in present-day Peru.
By topic
Arts and sciences
In China, the wheelbarrow makes its first appearance.
100–112 – Main hall, Markets of Trajan, Rome, is made.
Appearance of the first Christian dogma and formulas regarding morality.
The Gospel of John is widely believed to have been written around this date.
The compilation of the Kama sutra begins in India.
The Temple of the God of Medicine is built in Anguo, China.
The Fourth Buddhist Council is convened circa this year.
Justin Martyr, Christian apologist (approximate date)
Marcus Cornelius Fronto, Roman grammarian, rhetorician and advocate (approximate date)

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