Monday, June 8, 2009

New Compilation. Download. Free

First off, thanky ou to everyone who's already downloaded/listened to the record. I've gotten some wonderful feedback and I really appreciate it.

Anyway, the new record compiles my favorite tracks Fortysix through Fiftyeight. You can download the record by going here!

For links to the individual albums, which I don't honestly feel like posting, go here!

Here's the tracklisting and the rest of that crap:

1. To Be Come A Target (Track One From D.R.A. XLVII: Yomiel)
2. Over The Ocean (Track Two From D.R.A. LI: New Year's Underground)
3. Summer Lights (Track Four From D.R.A. XLIX: Lanterns)
4. Continental (An Appeal To Heaven) (Track One From D.R.A. LIII: N.F.I.L.T.M.)
5. Silver Light And The Broken Window (Track Four From D.R.A. XLVII: Yomiel)
6. Psalm (The Evening) (Track Four From D.R.A. XLIX: Lanterns)
7. The Grinning Man (Track Three From D.R.A. XLVII: Vatic)
8. Nosebleeds/Snowy Skies (Track Three From D.R.A. XLIX: Lanterns)
9. Voice Of The Storm (Track One From D.R.A. XLVI The Voice Of The Storm)
10. Signal No. 3 (Track Three From D.R.A. L: Masnavi)

1. Manchuria No. 3 (Track Five From D.R.A. LIV: Manchuria)
2. Aureola No. 4 (Track Three From D.R.A. LVIII Aureola)
3. Swans No. 2 (Track Two From D.R.A. LII: Swans)
4. Masnavi Movement Two (Track Five From D.R.A. L: Masnavi)
5. Night Comes Tenderly (Track Five From D.R.A. LVII: En I Lo Tender)
6. Deck Hands (Track Two From D.R.A. LV: The Sailor)
7. Tender (Track Four From D.R.A. LVII: En I Lo Tender)
8. At Sea (Track Three From D.R.A. LV: The Sailor)
9. Samson (Track One From D.R.A. LVI: The Golden Coast)
10. The Speed Of A Year/The Voice Of The Sea (Track Five From D.R.A XLVI: The Voice Of The Sea)

For those who don't know, I've been challenging myself with a little experiment. Since January of last year, I've recorded at least one song every other day in an attempt to make up some kind of musical journal of sorts. The name of the project is Days Run Away, which comes from a poem/book of poetry by Charles Bukowski. The name of my band is Swimmingpool The Band. Since I began, I've recorded up to 58 albums (I'm currently in the middle of 59). For every ten or so, I compile them into a more accessible collection.

The Songs range from straight out ambient-drone to more involved post-rock pieces. And though they may be heavily processed, they consist almost entirely of guitar, piano, clarinet and cello.
The following collection compiles my favorite tracks from albums 46 through 58. Two tracks feature outside help on the cello (Swans No. 2 and The Bay at Dawn) from my friend Diana Palermo.

In the past, feedback has ranged from:
'this is great studying music'
'this is great to get high to'
'it sounds like (any one of the following) Vangelis, The Silent Hill Soundtrack, Mist soundtrack, Brian Eno and Stars Of The Lid'
and 'I wish you wouldn't sing sometimes, It's distracting'.
To those concerned about the latter criticism, I don't sing nearly as much on this as I have in the past.

As always, I look forward to any and all feedback/criticisms.

Once my laptop is returned, I'll get to posting the new tracks from album 60 and 61.

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