Monday, August 29, 2011

CHOCOLATE (heavier guitars, loads of feedback)

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'Chocolate' - Swimmingpool The Band

Chocolate is the second song off of Milargos (I've already posted two, Witnesses and Halloween, from the album already). It's heavier sonically than my previous few releases. The guitars crunch, which is something they don't typically do in my music. 

Dynamically, I suppose, it carries the heavier post-rock influence with a bit more feedback and distortion. I've been told by a friend that the piece is very fitting for summer. His words were that it "melts" with summer. If this is true, I figured it's fitting to post it now before it gets cooler (wishful thinking). Lyrically, I find myself reaching back to previous drama in other (not current) relationships. Similarly, this also fits the thematic concept of "summer". 

Here for you, fair tumblrites, is a lot of guitars, drums, feedback and melodrama, served up the only way I know how. 

The lyrics are below. To download the song, click the linked title above. 

…burned ever book I had
and every picture of me
in the trail that lead to the woods
on a pile on an abandoned box spring

the trains rolled on
the kids stayed out too late
and I waited like I used to
on sandlewood and it started to rain

I tried to make a real end
to the trails on route one that we left

on the beach, in my bed
I tried to burry it…

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