Sunday, July 17, 2011

New, Full Free Album, Physical

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"The Bad Year" - Swimmingpool The Band

To download the album "Physical", click here:

The Bad Year is the last song off of my album "Physical". Sonically, it's the sort of track where everything blankets, rather than shifts. The guitars layer over each other until climaxing in a shimmering wave of drone, reverb and vocals. Towards the end of the track is a rhythmic chop up of the harmonic vocals (fuses together to make something of a loop/beat). 

Lyrically, and I won't go too into it at the risk of forcing a point of view, this is one of my more political numbers. Utilizing the narrative of someone talking themselves through rationalizing/burying a crime, it's a meditation on the art of strategic amnesia. Consider the concept of "selective hearing". My parents used to tell me I'd hear only what I wanted to. When ordered "clean your room and maybe we'll go to the video store" I'd not really clean my room, but I would eagerly await the semi-promised trip to the store. I heard what I wanted to. Similarly, on a wide scope, especially with foreign policy, many choose to forget what they want to (in the hopes of being remembered for the few successes in their administration). I can only imagine the process of ignoring decades of failed wars, proxy wars and foreign administration policies must involve a bit of psyching up and denial. A sense of false hope blocking out the anchoring fear and guilt of one's destructive policies. "It happened and everything else will eventually be okay." How this country hasn't learnt a thing after Vietnam (other than the fact that our nation is, as a civilian population, quick to heel or hate depending on the hand of fate) still makes the mind reel with anger and confusion. 

Anyway, the lyrics are below. Below that is the tracklist to the album, as well as links to my previous two (the link to the new album is above, directly underneath the song title). I hope you enjoy the song/album. As always, let me know what you think and enjoy. 

Also, feel free to share the album with whoever. It's free for a reason!

"don't get lost
on your way to the park
don't forget the evidence
bury it
under a 
statue of 
a dead president
and move on
cross the border
don't call anyone
don't stop
from here on out
the world you knew was lost"

The tracklist is as follows (to listen to the songs, click on the titles):

  1. From A Mountain [6:12]

  2. Physical [7:12]

  3. Straw Bird (Chrome Casket) [7:10]

  4. New Years (Underground) [2:24]

  5. These Memories Are Fake [6:50]

  6. The Bad Year [5:12]

The Bad Year is, again, the last song off of the album and the one I'll be posting sometime soon (along with the full album). 

My two previous full length albums can be downloaded, for free, here:

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