Monday, October 5, 2009


Working album art for Days Run Away LXXXIII: Memories (Or Séances).
Here's the third song: The Unplugged radio.

Here's the tracklisting/liner notes for the next compilation:




1.) Dances No. 1: Track One From DRA LXXII DANCES

2.) Ku'i/Hau: Track One From DRA LXII CLAPPING

3.) On The Porch/Storms In The Afternoon/Sirens: Track Three From DRA LXXIII SAMHAIN

4.) Charcoal (I Can't Dance): Track One From DRA LXVI PARENTS

5.) Whitecaps No. 2 (The Long Island Sound): Track Four From DRA LXX WHITE CAPS

6.) From The Window Of…: Track Four From DRA LXXXII DIVORCE

7.) Fall (Or Jupiter): Track Three From DRA LXXIV SATURN & JUPITER


1.) Country Road: Track One From DRA LXVII: THE BORDERLAND

2.) Seeds: Track One From DRA LXXVI: SEEDS

3.) Missouri: Track One from DRA LXIX MISSOURI

4.) No Phones (The Woods No. 1): Track One From DRA LXIV THE BLUE HOUR

5.) Whitecaps: Track one from D.R.A. LXX: WHITE CAPS

6.) The Weight Of A Woman No. 2: Track Two From DRA LXXXI: THE WEIGHT OF A WOMAN

7.) Yves: Track Two from DRA LXXVII LEAVES 

8.) The Piano: Track Two from DRA LXV: BEACHES

9.) The Ascension Of Man-Ghost: Track Five From DRA LXXIX THE RETURN OF MANGHOST

10.) Weeks Of Rain: Track Five from DRA LXXXII: DIVORCE

11.) Alone, Man-Ghost: Track Three From DRA LXXIX THE RETURN OF MANGHOST

12.) Dances 6&7 (The People): Track Five From DRA LXXII: DANCES



1.) Rabbits: Track One from DRA LXXVII: LEAVES

2.) Big Houses/Tiny Yards: Track Two From DRA LXXVI SEEDS

3.) The Loveless Marriage: Track Four From DRA LXXXI: THE WEIGHT OF A WOMAN

4.) The Pier: Track Five From DRA LXXIII: SMHAIN

5.) Man-Ghost No. 3: Track Three from DRA LXXVIII: MAN-GHOST

6.) Toirneach No. 2: Track Three From DRA LXIII TOIRNEACH

7.) Sunspots/Wheat Fields: Track Two From DRA LXIX MISSOURI

8.) Mauna Loa: Track Two from DRA LXXIII SAMHAIN

9.) Sons & Daughters: Track One From DRA LXXIV: SATURN & JUPITER

All of the songs were written and recorded between June & September of 2009

All Songs Written, Produce & Performed By Seamus Stimpson.

Fall (Or Jupiter) and Sons & Daughters was written/performed by Seamus Stimpson & Diana Palermo.


SEAMUS STIMPSON-Vocals, Guitars, Violin, Harpsichord, Thumb-harp, Piano, Drums, Clarinet, Recorder, Trombone, Bass, Various Percussion & Post-Production.

DIANA PALERMO-Vocals, Field Recordings & Cello.

LIAM CARROLL-Concepts, Harpsichord & All Around Great Guy. 

ERIC REGA-Industrial Machines, Found Sounds & The Patience Of A Saint.

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