Friday, December 19, 2008

They might not be the best in the league, but they're players sure have great names

Did I ever mention how absolutely terrifying the Sixers Mascot, Hip-Hop is?

This is, in some way or another, turning into a strange sports blog of sorts. One must note, however, that I know very little of the technical end of anything discussed here. As such, it's purely observational.

Along with our friend T. Young, another great name is Iguodala, whose name catches my ear more than any other's when listening to the sixers on the Radio. We recently had a great win against the bucks so I'm quite happy about that.

Flyers lost, but, we lost to Montreal. It sucks that we lost, however, it brings them, if only a little bit, closer to getting above the bruins (the team they rank one under). The bruins hold a place in my heart similar to that of the Patirots and the Redsox (meaning I hate them). The only boston team I don't hate completely is the Celtics.

And the Dolphins keep kicking ass as they're tied up for second in their division.

Here's the song:

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