Monday, March 3, 2008

50th Post!!!! 50 Songs (Somewhere!) Lots Of Updates!!!!

First and Foremost, New song.

04 days run away iv_ t.s.w.p.t.t.t.a.t.k.h.h..mp3

Download it at

With that out of the way, UPDATES!
I've started work on my new film. It's a documentary on the culture and lifestyle of those who associate themselves as Furries. The movie has no real title as of yet. Filming begins today.

I have a new song online here at my myspace. I've started work on the fifth installment of my days run away series entitled Days Run Away V: Golden Hours/The Garden At Dawn.

My good friend Mike (Under the Guise of Autumn Noel) has plenty of new and brilliant songs online which can be found Here (or by going to if the link doesn't work).

As does my friend Seth (Really fucking amazing, I feel like I'm in this kid's shadow) which can be found at

As does my good friend Liam, which can be found at

As does my friend Jarrett which can be found at

Need I remind you of my blog, updated every other day with new music, which can be found at and the work of my incredibly close (and incredibly talented) friend Eric Rega at

That's about it for now. Feedback.

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