Friday, January 25, 2008


I have to brainstorm a personal narrative for my writing for media class.
I hate writing about the past and It'll probably call for that...unless I talk about that strange skin condition I had for a weekend.

Yesterday I bumped into Billy Joel outside my apartment building. He was quite small. I wasn't sure if it was him until I bumped into a mass of Billy fans, all holding copies of his records for him to sign. He passed through them and, when confronted to sign the records, pointed to his bodyguards and said "Blame Them."

And some other unfortunate things happened.

Tonight I go to Shabbat at Drexel. My friend Aviva invited me. I look forward to this as I've never attended any kind of Jewish Service in my life.

Today, 'Days Run Away VII: Not (Pending Title'

08 days run away viii_ not today.mp3
Download it at

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Anonymous said...

Billy wasn't pointing at 'his bodyguards'.( He only has one security man ) He was pointing at a group of professional autograph hounds who sell whatever celebrity- signed items they can get to retailers who specialize in that kind of merchandise. They had been following Joel wherever he went in Philadelphia and swarming him with piles of albums to sign over and over again. They represent themselves to be fans, but in reality, they are not. And they cause so much aggravation that the real fans never get to have anything signed by their favorite celebrity. When Joel refused to sign any more autographs he pointed directly at the professional hounds and said - "Blame them!"


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