Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I awoke from the same dream. The beast that I had loved with such strength now disgusted me, leaving me disgusted with myself. It was a large Whale-Shark in a shallow and murky pool. Surrounding the shark was what seemed to be various species of extinct sea life, none of which I was familiar with.
As if to mock the immobile creature, an ugly man dressed in a brown, custodian, jumpsuit was spraying it's dorsal fin with a hose. A friend had accompanied me here and I told her to film this. The ugly man was okay with being filmed. The Whale Shark was not.
Life reduced to a confinement hundreds of sizes too small to exist. I wanted to kick at the wall, hit something or throw something. I was confused now as to how it fed. The circumference of it's mouth was three fourths the size of a regular human. Though large and intimidating, the massive creature would coast along placid and relatively shallow ocean waters, mouth open, eating the plankton that came to it.
The friend at my side seemed just as unnerved by the experience. We soon found our way to another aquarium. Surrounding the building itself was a large moat and a drawbridge which was in the upright position.
Upon signaling a shadowy figuring standing towards the top of the building, a large rumble was heard. Within seconds of the rumbling, a large Fin Whale penetrated the once placid moat. At a length of 88 ft, it easily left us eclipsed by it's mass. There was a splash and nothing. The Drawbridge lowered and we entered.

A car.
Green van, different than the one my family drives (White) at home.
Packed as if soon to vacation, I was sitting with the same friend and my parents. My mother sat passenger to my father.
They spoke with smiles and no apprent fear. I could feel something different. A sharp change in a smile or their positions on the hands of the wheel. Something was different. This unshakable fear lead me to wondering why they had decided to take my friend out for a ride.

After what felt like an hour (the dream causes one's vision to blur and, though I checked the digital clock on the dashboard of the car, I could see nothing), we arrived at a christmas tree shop somewhere in north east Connecticut. Instead of parking, my father drove us to the side of a maintenance shed in the back of the store. I remembered taking note of the fact that there were few cars in the actual parking lot.
In the maintenance shed there was a door that lead underground.

The song below is 'Days Run Away II: Fin' by me, Seamus Stimpson/SwimmingpoolTheband.

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