Sunday, March 18, 2012

DIAL L-O-V-E (I am so bad to you, blogger, I really am)

"Dial L-O-V-E" - Swimmingpool The Band

As I'm sure many of you have figured out, I rarely write direct love songs. Often they're coded and semi-modest. Well, considering valentine's day has recently passed and the birthday of a certain someone (who I wont name if only to avoid embarrassment) is coming up, I figured I'd post this.

I'm skipping ahead in my recently completed discography as this is not on the album that I've featured in the last few posts ('Ghostwater'). It's the first off of the 'Ghostwater' follow-up entitled 'House Of Beauty'.

As always, I provide all of the vocals and play all of the instruments (largely acoustic guitar and keyboards).

The song itself is structured, crisp and heavily acoustic. It retains many of the staples of my previous tracks (shimmering reverb, keyboards and a coda of drone), but is more cohesive in a good way. It's almost more directly pop and though the lyrics can be fluffy, they're also very sincere. I hope you like it. The lyrics are below and the download link is at the top.

'…You've got a limp when you walk
and you stutter and sigh.
Your bones ache in the cold
and you're still afraid of the night.

There is nothing out there
but here, my arms are for you.
These arms will work themselves raw
and I'll do whatever I have to.

Dial L-O-V-E-
Don't hang up.
Don't leave me hung up.

When I have my dips,
or when I stumble and trip,
I know I can count
on your tenderness.

Sometimes I feel
like it's the only steady thing.
Aside from the nightmares
and the fears in me…'


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