Thursday, December 17, 2009

New song and a rough listing of the top records of the 00s.

First a new song. Third track from Roses, this is Paper Chains.

And now, with that posted, here is my rough top albums of the decade. Very rough.
First a new song. Third track from Roses, this is Paper Chains.

And now, with that posted, here is my rough top albums of the decade. Very rough. I know I'll probably revisit this later but as for now, here's something like a top ten. This is much more of my favorites rather than what I believe is best. I'll try to work a 'best' out later and edit it in.

1.) The Walkmen-Bows+Arrows (2004):

This album always held an incredibly personal and totally unmovable place in my heart. It captures the sadness of snow and cities in ways no other album has. Their first two records following it were rather weak and they're only now returning to the top of their form (with the incredible You and Me).

2.) Boards Of Canada-Geogaddi (2002):

Each time I sat down to do this list I wanted to put Music Has The Right To Children right at the top. And every time I go to do that, I kick myself when I realize that it was a child of the late 90s. It will still never sound like that. In the same way, Geogaddi manages to sound outside of its time, defying frustrating genre tags (IDM) and surrounding trends, Geogaddi is a suffocating, scary, haunting and gorgeous album all at once.

3.) Blur-Think Tank (2003):

It's the album I never thought they'd make. Following the loss of forming guitarist Gram Coxon, Damon and the boys (Damon already tasted success with Gorillaz) made their most daring album to date. It's also the most emotionally rewarding. From sonically sparse to lush, from samples to shaking trebled guitars, Damon balances grounded emotions with real world social frustrations. It gets better every time and may be their only record which doesn't (and won't) sound dated.

4.) Interpol-Turn On The Bright Lights (2002):

I heard of them following their not so great ep. Their promo pictures made me want to listen to someone (almost anyone) else. I learnt a valuable lesson, to never judge a book by it's cover, no matter how seemingly pretentious.

5.) Beach House-Beach House (2006):

A thing of beauty. To me, flawless.

6.) Earth-Hex; Or Printing in the Infernal Method (2005):

A completely new direction and for once in the 00s, it seems to be the right one. Heavy, sparse and gorgeously painted, Hex is essential.

7.) The Streets-A Grand Don't Come For Free (2004):

This one just kicked me in the nuts. One of the best narrative concept albums that I've ever heard.

8.) Life Without Buildings-Any Other City (2001):

Not enough people know about this album. More people should. It's punchy and strange but worth every arched eyebrow.

Everything else (i'll organize it eventually)
Wilco-A Ghost Is Born
Wilco-Yankee Hotel Foxtrot
Sleater Kinney-The Woods
Spoon-Kill The Moonlight
Johnny Cash-A Hundred HIghways
Aimee Mann-Bachelor No. 2
Stars Of The Lid-And Their Refinement of the Decline
The Weakerthans-Left & Leaving
The Strokes-Is This It
Sunn O)))-Black One
Sunn O)))-Monoliths & Dimensions
The Arcade Fire-Funeral
Radiohead-Kid A
Uhg a lot more. Those are the best honorable mentions I can rummage up this second.

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