Monday, December 21, 2009

Download Witch Routes/New Songs/My Influences As Of Late (Busby Berkeley, Kate Bush, Philip Glassect..)

Alright, now that that's out of the way. Here's a new song

Okay so, before I make my big ol best of 2009 list, I figured I'd throw something of an update of my recent influences up. True I could just put up a link to my (which is already on the side), but this may be a bit more accessible (also to the music itself).

Before I go into my musical influence I'll just throw in a cinematic/dance director whose vision influences (or inspires) me greatly,
Busby Berkeley. He was the coreographer and director for films like 42nd Street & the Gold Diggers series of the 30s. He broke the 'theater view' of dance and viewed human movements in complex geometric shapes. See:

First and foremost, I can't get over my love for Kate Bush. Her stellar record Hounds Of Love has been on repeat of a very long time here. It's totally irresistible and very influential (to me and beyond). Here's the lead-off song "Running Up That Hill (Deal With God)":

And here's "Hounds Of Love" (Title track from her most important record):

As for the band which will be winning my top artist (and album) of 2009, that would go to Britain's Wild Beasts. This song's from their first record. As of now they've released two and they're quite honestly two of the most compulsively listenable and impeccably made albums that I've heard in ages. They're both gorgeous, wide, exciting and flamboyant. Here's "The Devil's Crayon"

In a refreshingly strange way, These New Puritans further helped me reevaluated whatever in the hell is going on in the post-punk revivalist movement. There's something Wire (or the Fall) esq about these guys. Can't put my finger on it. I think that's the point.

And in previous posts I know I've spoken about the following artists (Philip Glass, Patti Smith, Neil Young) so here are some videos:

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