Sunday, February 15, 2009

XLII: Prayer (Passing Bells) Is Almost Done

I keep jumping ahead, but, my 42nd album is nearly complete.
It's entitled Prayer/Passing Bells and has four tracks already.
This song is, in actuallity, a second version of a previously finished song. When first recorded, it was meant to be a simple ambient track. It soon became a vocal based track which will appear on my sing-song record Soft Nights. I still wanted to keep the original feeling of the song, so, in essence, this is a remixed (I hate that word) or secondary version of that track.
It's called Camouflaged (I'll Probably Never Learn How To Drive.

Imeem is working slow, but, lo and behold, Tindeck's back!
Click here to download Camouflaged

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