Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Long Time No Post: Upon seeing a man stab himself/My Reason For My Absence/Fourth Compilation


Before I get into my new song and my updates, I'll explain a bit of a strange incident today. It was about 12:40 when I left for my lunch break. Anticipating blood only in the form of my healing wound, I was in no way prepared to see the homeless gentleman on the corner of locust and broad off himself with a glass bottle. Not drawing an incredible amount of attention to himself, he smashed the glass bottle and cut his throat. It was fortunate, if for no other reason, that no one else got hurt. The police responded very quickly and he was soon rushed away to the ER. Sadly, I doubt he'll be okay. Furthermore, it's sad that there's no real safe haven for the mentally impaired homeless. For each junkie there seems to be someone who's generally not in control of his or her actions or thoughts. My father would tell me that years ago, this kind of a problem was not so great as they would frequently commit these people to a safe and controlled environment. I just find this kind of thing to be sad. Truth be told I don’t feel the same kind of sympathy for junkies or the Squatter punks who clearly have enough money to buy sweet band shirts/tattoos (whom I often refer to as Trust Fund Punks), I do feel bad for those who did little to find themselves in this place which no one should be in.


Sometime around a week and a half ago, I got diagnosed with a Pilanoidal (sp?) Cyst. As a result of which, concentration and time to spare (let a lone sitting without being in a world of pain) was hard to come by. Furthermore, MP3Space has continued to not work, which has been an incredible frustration as of late (If anyone needs any of the songs, let me know).

Just prior to my diagnoses I released my fourth compilation entitled Shaking Branches, which spans a total of six albums.

Since I've reached a point of four Compilations, I felt it necessary to compile the tracks from the four into a more compact compilation for the sake of convince to anyone new to this project. This major compilation will be released soon, I promise.

Anyway, Throughout my painful recovery (these things suck, if you're a big guy or do a lot of biking and may be hairy, please, to look it up or go to this support site.), I continued to work on music and am now up to album 26. I'll go back soon and post what I haven't put online yet, but for the time being I'll give you my latest track The October Country.


With Halloween just around the corner, I've found myself getting in the festive mood (as it is my favorite time of the year). As such, I re-read the brilliant Ray Bradbury collection of the same name as my track.

I highly recommend this to anyone who loves short stories, Halloween or horror based fiction.

This collection inspired my latest work, and the album itself. The album will be called DRA 26: AUTUMN MOVEMENTS.

Here is the song:

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