Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Youth is beautiful because it has a fearless heart that dreads not death. New song with real drums and more choral arrangements. Please read!

I'm currently sitting in a coffee shop that's playing absolutely crappy music. Something about cutting out shit or two eyes like mine and more crappy rhyming. Anyway, I've got the first track from Days Run Away XXIX: Panoramic World. The source of the title is a bit odd. It's an uncharacteristically beautiful quote by the fascist leader Mussolini.
"Youth is beautiful, because it has clear eyes with which to regard and to reflect the
vast and tumultous panorama of the world.
Youth is beautiful because it has a fearless heart that dreads not death.

I'm not certain as to the context of the quote, but I still love it.

The song is 13 minutes long and features a great deal of layering. Various intertwined choral arrangements with live drums and layers of guitars. I'm incredibly proud of it and hope you listen.

01 d.r.a. i_ panoramic world (movement no. 1).mp3

Download it at

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