Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter Tomorrow, Relax Today

As I've got shit tons of work left to do on my furry film and there's little work this weekend, I'm taking something of a break. The break, however, does not apply to the music as I recently posted a thread in GBS at the something awful forms about my compilation record. Already I'm getting some pretty positive feedback. Feedback is something I'm not generally used to as I don't go around all the time putting my music (or art) in people's faces. Nor do I sit there and hype myself up. As such, the egoless (in said respect) only get so far. The Price to pay for modesty. Anyway, DRA VII is three songs in. I'm still working hard. I'll be working on tracks for the soundtrack to my documentary.

Oh and I get to see my parents today.
I dont talk about them much but I do love them a whole hell of a lot.
It'll be nice to see them.

07 days run away vii_ 697 (no. 7).mp3

Download it at

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