Monday, March 29, 2010


Here you go. Bleepidy bloop bloop blown out in a haze of pretty aural colors, here's Scythe from 123's SCYTHES. Album art's posted above with the song.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

And From 121, OHIO, Comes O.H.

Twinkly twinkles and I really don't have much to say. Long drones, twinkly keys, Go listen

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ghostships from D.R.A. 122: Hansi

Yes, we did record 121 too, I I just uploaded a song from it and then changed the track-listings around since they were both finished the same day.

This one's unique. It's based (one of two off this album) which are based on diana coming up with a consistent, repeating cello melody that I played around and later mixed down in post. The album art's posted above and it's named after my dog from when I was a little kid (the album, Hansi, not the song, Ghost Ships).

Monday, March 22, 2010

winter's gone, but here's a song called winter

off of an album called winter too. it's one of the longer records, each song clocking in over 20 minutes (it's 45 or something total) and, uh I really like it. It's from a few albums back now, but I hope you like it too.
Song and album art are posted above.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Two years ago I started an experiment named after a Bukowski Poem (The Days Run Away Like Wild Horses Over The Hills) wherein I would record at least four songs a week. Since then I've recorded over 120 Full Length (defined by me as a collection of songs over a half hour) albums of droney ambient and post-rock. As of late, half of the songs have become more of a collaborative effort between me and my bandmate Diana Palermo who plays cello, violin and sings. There are even a few tracks with lyrics (and if you want them you'll have to ask. I didn't include them in the album).

The album art is a hand woven weaving by my friend Betty Lertdarapong. You can follow her and her work (if she updates it) here:
As always, you can follow me as I update at and follow album releases at (you can find albums posted before and after this compilation here)
myspace is at


1. Mary Sings, Track One From Days Run Away XCVII: Witch Routes
2. Fop Coria, Track One From Days Run Away CVI: Seven Ships
3. Necks, Track Four From Days Run Away LXXXV: The Hill
4. A-Shore, Track Two From Days Run Away CXIII: Gwenhwyfar
5. Fayetteville, Track Three From Days Run Away CVI: Seven Ships
6. Numbers, Track One From Days Run Away LXXXVI: Dab Tsog
7. Agitha, Track Eight From Days Run Away LXXXV: The Hill
8. Yellow, Track Two From Days Run Away CIX: Yellow
9. Fitzwater Tonight, Track Three From Days Run Away LXXXIX: Memitim
10. Hammonasset, Track Three From Days RuN Away XCV: Home
11. The Bird, Track Three from Days Run Away CIV: Secret Rooms


1. Valley Heart, Track One from Days Run Away CXII: Swimmers
2. Skeletal Pact, Track One from Days Run Away CX: Skeletal Pact
3. Slowarm, Track Two From Days Run Away CXIV: Slowarm
4. Milk & Flowers, Track Two From Days Run Away XCIV: Apocalypse Songs
5. Marrow Abbey, Track One From Days Run Away XCVIII: Marrow Abbey
6. Jennifer, Track Three From Days Run Away CXIV: Slowarm
7. Cries From The Voice, Track One From Days Run Away LXXXVII: Connecticut
8. Sunday (After Three), Track Four From Days Run Away LXXXVII: Connecticut
9. Black, Track One From Days Run Away CII: The Black Album
10. Abraham & Yahoel, Track One From Days Run Away XCIV: Apocalypse Songs


1. The Lights From The Farm, Track Two From Days Run Away XC: Night
2. Brothers, Track Two From Days Run Away XCIII: Ghosts
3. Soft Death (Don't Come Home), Track One From Days Run Away XCV: Home
4. Paper Chains, Track Three From Days Run Away XCVI: Roses
5. Undertoe, Track One From Days Run Away CVII: Scrapbooking
6. Wind Crying Names, Track Two From Days Run Away XCI: Wreaths of Tears
7. Soft Ropes, Track One From Days Run Away C: Fractures
8. Clones 2, Track Three From Days Run Away CXV: Clones
9. Range Teens, Track Five From Days Run Away CXII: Swimmers

Saturday, March 13, 2010

okay okay here's the download link for DRA 120: Violence

And here's another song from it.

and here's the original to "Used To Be":

Days Run Away 120: Violence

Days Run Away CXX: Violence

Since it's shitty out I've decided to take the time out to upload a few of our most recent albums. Posted above is the album art and the third song from the album Days Run Away CXX: Violence. The songs are based initially out of a cover of the Violent Femmes song 'Used To Be'. The first track off the album is the more direct cover of the song and the others are

Monday, March 8, 2010

Voices Carry: A Til Tuesday Cover

Now both Diana and I are huge Til Tuesday/Aimee Mann Fans. Though It doesn't show in our music so bluntly (I had earlier done something of a pseudo cover of Aimee Mann's Wise Up), we decided we'd pay homage in a muffled out version of Til Tuesday's classic Voices Carry. Problem turned out to be that the punchiness of the song didn't translate aesthetically as well as I had hopped. However, after some filter/reverb, I'm pretty happy with the song. So here you go. See if you can pull it out of the muck (pretty muck).


Posted Above the second & third song off of album 119 (Days Run Away CXIX Palomino) Dark Palomino & Ten Horses. Live improv set, me on keys, thumb harp, sample, vocals & clarinet and Diana on Cello and Vocals.
the album is finished and I've really got to keep up with posting. Just incase, there's two. The album art is also posted above.

Friday, March 5, 2010

HAIL (THREE BODY STRIKE): New Song The Dark Night Of The Scarecrow

One of the first dark ambient tracks I've done in a while. Most of it's live, just cut down and overlapped somewhere in the middle. Aside from that + a bit of reverb, really very little post-production. It's getting warmer out. Help.
Album art posted above the song.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


hey hey two songs off of Slowarm. I keep forgetting to update. The real world's calling and I gotta get a job. Problem is, there aren't any jobs. Anyone in philly want to help? I'm hermetic and I record a lot of music! Alrighty, the songs are posted above and, as I said before, you can download slowarm by going here: Songs are posted above. Also, posted above is the artwork of my friend Betty Lertdarapong. I'm going to use one of her pieces for my next compilation which I'm very very slowly putting together. I keep getting to busy to keep up with 'em.


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